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Twitch categories in May: Valorant is no longer the leader

Twitch categories in May: Valorant is no longer the leader

The last month of Spring distinguished itself thanks to the new records and more global changes in the rating of the most popular categories on Twitch compared to April.

In May, the leading position goes to Just Chatting. It displaced Valorant, a game that was hyping all April. The streamers like Just Chatting because of its variety of content and many streamers prefer to switch to it during the breaks. The Hours Watched increased by 27% and the peak viewers by 56,6% compared to April.

Significant impact was made by Russian streamers Evelone and Buster. In May they’ve played a role-play game called Mafia with many esports players and media personalities of this industry. You can find more about the May results of streamers on Twitch in this article.

Regarding Valorant, the popularity of this category decreased in half. The Hours Watched of this discipline decreased by 57,9% compared to April. Also, the Valorant servers were disabled due to the preparation for the official launch.

Fortnite and League of Legends stayed at their positions. Even the start of Fortnite Champion Series and Gamers Without Borders 2020 with a $10M prize pool didn’t improve the statistics. 

GTA V moved 2 positions up because of a free giveaway in Epic Games Store, so the Hours Watched increased by 31% compared to April.

Quite sad things happened to Valve. All their games left the top-10. CS:GO has lost 2 positions and stopped on the 7th place, the Hours Watched decreased by 11,8%, peak viewers by 34%. Dota 2 stayed at the same position as in the previous month.

May became the first month of the year when the games of Blizzard Entertainment didn’t make it to the top-10. World of Warcraft is on the 11th position, and Hearthstone on 14th losing 3 positions compared to April. At the same time, Overwatch returned to the top-20.

Interest in Apex Legends has revived, particularly among Japanese streamers. The game almost reached the top-10, even though the game results weren't so good in previous months. With the start of the new game season the Hours Watched increased by 80%.

Music category on Twitch also received its attention and moved 4 positions up and Hours Watched increased by 43%. About the growth of Twitch music category in Q1 you can find in this article.

The audience again got interested in survival horror Dead by Daylight because of the launch of its mobile version. Devs announced that the game was downloaded 3 million times in only 48 hours, and the game moved 6 positions up in our top.

PUBG is on the pre-last place mostly because of PCS Charity Showdown, which is held in many regions. There will be many events in terms of GLL Nations Royale Spring 2020, which will be held in June.

In addition to Twitch results, we also prepared the results of Mixer and an article about the effect of Coronavirus in Asia.

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