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PUBG is dead? Weekly Twitch stats

PUBG is dead? Weekly Twitch stats

One year ago no one could imagine that PUBG would go down to the bottom of popularity as a streaming discipline, but it happened. The king is dead, long live the king of Battle Royale — Call of Duty: Black Ops 4! At least for the nearest future.

The first weeks of October can truly be called shocking. The “eternal king” Fortnite suffered in a huge way because of big activity of his competitor. That is not strange — the largest in the history of esports League of Legends tournament Worlds 2018 has begun. What is more — finally the new game of Call of Duty franchise has released — Black Ops 4. It has new multiplayer mode “Blackout” which is fact is the Battle Royale. These two games made quite an important thing — they proved that the positions of Fortnite are not that unshakable as it might have seemed before.

Call of Duty has always been a popular franchise in the western countries, especially in the USA. That is why the game has already had a big fan base even before Black Ops 4 released. The new Blackout mode attracted even more attention to a huge amount of new players. What is more — it attracted the attention of streamers.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 appeals to some kind of realism, that is why it is not the direct competitor to Fortnite. The true competitor of Black Ops 4 was PUBG. The Korean Battle Royale appeared to be unprepared for such pressure. It means that absolutely everyone escaped from PUBG on Twitch. Even now it is hard to find English-speaking streamer of PUBG, the number of viewers dropped significantly.

PUBG developers need to do something. All popular streamers stream Black Ops 4, they really like this game and according to their words, the biggest part of them do not even think about returning to PUBG. The community likes this game, it turned out to be more interesting and more stable than the Korean founder of the genre. That is why PUBG will not return its position without radical changes. Right now PUBG has the last ace in the hole — it has quite well-developed esports scene. At the same time, Activision has a lot of money and experience in esports, while Epic Games tests new formats all the time, motivating clubs and organization to sign esports Fortnite teams. That is why PUBG feels like a colossus with feet of clay that can scatter from any blow.

There were only two big Battle Royale big projects for many months — Fortnite and PUBG. The release of Black Ops 4 turned everything upside down. The future of streaming and Twitch itself will be decided in the coming weeks. Take out the popcorn, the heat will start soon.

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