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24H Challenge: WoW Classic

24H Challenge: WoW Classic

Even before its release, WoW Classic became a heated topic of discussion. Many players were waiting for this – and today we will tell you how the release of the game on Twitch went. Welcome to the 24H Challenge for the classic World of Warcraft!

For those living under a rock, we’ll explain a bit what's the story about Blizzard’s “new” game. WoW Classic is the original version of MMO before The Burning Crusade. Its re-release allowed many new players to experience all the joy of the vanilla version.

For old fans of WarCraft, the game became a great source of nostalgia. Especially given the fact that the studio's fans' acclaim for the latest addons was growing more and more sour with each next one. In addition to this, the classic version returns all the hardcore experience faced by the veteran players of World of Warcraft.

But what about the game's Twitch visibility? Let's look at the situation from the perspective of two indicators: the peak viewers and peak channels. The average viewers indicator within a 24-hour period will not demonstrate fully just how interesting the state of affairs is.

Let's start with the platform's category and its result of 1 million 132 thousand peak viewers. It was achieved in just a couple of hours after the release of the game.

In the past, the peak viewers indicator for the category has only ever reached a mark of 566 thousand. Usually, the number of viewers was within the range from 20 to 100 thousand. Occasionally, the figure reached 200 thousand or more – during the release of new addons or other significant events.

The channels that were engaged in WoW broadcasts also showed excellent results. Their number at the time of the release increased to 19 thousand. For comparison, the average number of pages in the category was kept within a stable range of 1-2 thousand.

All in all, we have an excellent increase in the number of channels, reaching a result 19 times better as compared to the usual one. Prior to this, the peak level reached was kept at the mark of 15 thousand – which was received during the release of “Battle for Azeroth.” But the vanilla version has introduced a new order of things.

Most fans of WarCraft did not expect such a hype from the “newcomer.” The game has received interest from the studio’s own fanbase and from the ordinary gamers alike. Many modern players wanted to feel the magic of the past, which is why World of Warcraft Classic literally blew up the Twitch!

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