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Autobattlers: One year later

Autobattlers: One year later

The autobattler genre had the first anniversary of its birth at the beginning of the year. The Auto Chess map was released on January 4th and since then the gaming world was never the same. Today we will describe the current situation for this genre at Twitch.

Let's look at the first month of the year, with the statistics encompassing the period from January 4th to February 4th (not the 1st due to the New Year holidays-imposed delay that would otherwise strongly impact the respective categories' visibility). The results of Hearthstone are ignored given that its autobattler mode lacks a separate Twitch section.

All in all TeamFight Tactics has managed to keep around the largest number of viewers, having a total of 26 thousand peak viewers. Its closest rivals, Auto Chess, is located much lower, being unable to cross the 10 thousand viewers mark. As for the Dota Underlords, it didn't manage to come even close to such figures.

The situation is nearly repeated when it comes to the channels. While here Underlords fares better, TFT still becomes the winner. It should be noted that the number of channels did not change as of the moment of the peak of Auto Chess popularity – the beginning of February.

The fact that the genre's originators, Drodo Studio themselves, cannot keep up with Riot Games is quite interesting. The gap between the two stems from the initial mobile version focus of Auto Chess. At the same time, the League of Legends client has simply incorporated TeamFight Tactics as an extra mode.

When it comes to Dota Underlords, it was still on the fence – with the developers' inability to release their game on time, the PC market was pretty much occupied by TFT, while the mobile market was dominated by Auto Chess. It should be noted that Valve tried to strike a deal with Drodo Studio, but the latter have decided to stay on their own.

When it comes to esports, there's not much of it to be found. While Riot Games have already stated that TeamFight Tactics is nothing more than a game for entertainment, the developers of Auto Chess have tried to set a competition with a prize pool worth a million, but this idea has eventually failed.

Still, this is not the end. Among the three, TFT stands out the most due to the global update it is about to receive. The third set should change the rules of the game once more, attracting both old and new players alike. The release of Dota Underlords would further entertain the players. All in all, these projects manage to stay relevant even after a year.

We will surely inform you whether the developers of TeamFight Tactics will be able to succeed as well. If you do not want to miss this information, subscribe to our social pages on VK, Twitter and Facebook. Do not forget to share your opinion on our official Discord server.

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