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CoD League: Already past the half

CoD League: Already past the half

A half of the Call of Duty debut season is already gone – which means that it is time to summarize it. In this article we will tell you about the performance of the first seven events of the CoD League.

We'll compare the tournaments not only with each other, but also with the other championships for the discipline – using such key indicators as the peak viewers and average viewers. To be more exact, we'll show you the difference between the competitions for Call of Duty Warzone battle royale mode and the classic 5x5 format.

This year, the CoD League, along with many other leagues, was hit by the coronavirus pandemic. At first the organizers have opted to simply pause the competition, but soon afterwards they have switched to an online format, allowing them to continue holding matches. This had a strong effect on the popularity of this competition, as shown by our statistics.

Call of Duty League 2020 Atlanta was the most popular one among the stops covered by us. This event is ahead of others in terms of both average viewers and peak viewers. Interestingly, the first indicator for Atlanta is only a few hundred viewers more than the one for Call of Duty League 2020 London.

When it comes to the peak viewers indicator, the top 3 is occupied by the championships that have still managed to take place offline. The Dallas stop, which has opened the online part of the event, was among the last in the list, while the seventh stop of the league has occupied the lowest spot of all.

As it can be understood, the effect of tournament's switch to online format was not positive at all. Additionally, the last stop in Florida took place at the time of widespread riots – which has also affected the viewability of the esports matches of this American competition in a negative way.

The comparison with the Warzone championships does not work in favor of the traditional Call of Duty championships either, as the likes of Code Green or Twitch Rivals tend to feature many more viewers.

The list of participants is the main reason for this: while CoD League’s participants consist of cyberathletes and the teams, the Warzone competitions are all about participation of popular streamers, capable of gathering tens of thousands of viewers on their personal broadcasts.

Speaking of teams, it’s worth talking about the most popular one. So far, the representatives of Chicago Huntsmen have been the top team of the league's first half. The near-perfect results shown by the team were one of the reasons for this. Currently, this team holds the second spot in the standings, being only 10 points behind the current leader: FaZe Clan.

Dallas Empire (the heirs of the discipline's legends from Team EnVyUs) can be safely called the league's second-ranked team in terms of the average match viewers. As for the representatives of Texas – despite occupying the third spot in the standings, it seems that their results in the league are quite similar to those of their opponents from Chicago.

To conclude, it can be said that the first half of the main Call of Duty competition came out at a bad time. The coronavirus pandemic and the unrest in the United States have damaged the league's popularity quite a bit, putting it in a difficult position.

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