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The concluding remarks on the first Wild Rift esports show

The concluding remarks on the first Wild Rift esports show

When it comes to the mobile version of League of Legends, that's quite a popular topic among the fans of the game. Recently, the developers showcased the MOBA at Twitch Rivals, holding its first esports show. Let's talk about its achievements in comparison to other similar events.

In October, Riot Games announced the new phase of development of a mobile version of League of Legends. The plans so far would allow the residents of Southeast Asian countries to play this version on October 27th, while the European gamers will get access to Wild Rift in December 2020, followed by the American players in 2021.

Twitch Rivals League of Legends: Wild Rift Invitational was held on the eve of the Asian testing (October 22nd) featuring only three fights. Two teams of invited guests were facing off, including American cyberathletes, esports team owners like FaZe Apex and popular performers like Zedd.

The general results of the show tournament are not impressive at all, with 130 thousand peak viewers and 67 thousand average viewers. The first map became the most popular part of the tournament.

Twitch Rivals: Wild Rift Invitational is not quite on the level of the similar show events. For example, another Riot Games-supported series' show tournament dedicated to Valorant has managed to gather many more viewers. Namely, Twitch Rivals VALORANT gathered almost 700 thousand peak viewers, which constitutes 540% of the Wild Rift's respective indicator.

It should be noted that Twitch Rivals series becomes a rather popular choice for showcasing a new game, given that the battles between popular personalities are an effective attraction for the audience. However, this didn't help the mobile version of LoL, as seen by its not-so-high results.

It seems like the plan of Riot Games is to rely on their Twitch audience. This is despite the target audience of mobile games being mostly located on YouTube as well as popular Southeast Asian services. The developers have decided to focus on their own audience which is mostly watching LoL and TFT using Twitch.

We will continue following the League of Legends: Wild Rift in order to share our observations with you. If you don't want to miss the upcoming important news on the game, be sure to subscribe to our social network pages.

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