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DBFZ World Finals: An ambiguous success

DBFZ World Finals: An ambiguous success

When it comes to the Dragon Ball FighterZ fighting game, the latest results left a lot to be desired. The latest World Cup tried to change this state of affairs and give the discipline a new hope. Today we will tell you whether it has managed to succeed at this.

In the results of Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals, we are going to compare this competition with the series' previous championship. In addition, there will be a comparison with the discipline's most popular tournament – EVO 2018.

Overall, we cannot say that the results of the DBFZ World Tour Finals 19-20 were outstanding. It became the second most popular tournament based on its peak viewers indicator – improving the peak viewers result of the 2019 championship by 34%, but still being 43% behind the World Tour Finals 18-19 in terms of the average viewers.

The situation does not look so good when comparing the DBFZ World Tour Finals 19-20 with EVO 2018, with the latter having 121% more peak viewers and 33% more average viewers.

The reason for this would be the large and all-inclusive format of the Evolution Championship Series, which boasts an impressive number of various disciplines and therefore gathers a similarly huge audience – which, in turn, allows the event to achieve such impressive indicators.

Looking at this in even more detail, it can be seen that the English, Spanish, French and Japanese streams of the World Tour Finals 19-20 became the most popular ones; with the French and Spanish ones having shown the all-around positive difference in the one-year scope.

Despite having two representatives of their country to reach the finals, Japanese fans haven't displayed too big of an enthusiasm when watching this year's World Cup. On the other hand, the event has enjoyed larger visibility from the side of Western fans, including the American ones.

Fenritti became the most popular participant of the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals 19-20, having attracted 78 thousand average viewers. This is quite intriguing once we consider that the tournament's own average viewers indicator amounts only to 35 thousand viewers. However, this situation is not out of the ordinary seeing how this particular player was responsible for the 31% of the World Cup's total hours watched.

All of this signifies that the discipline has managed to make a comeback from its past failures and reach the peak viewers mark that is nearly the best one in the game's history. But when looking at the average viewers mark, the result is far from the best. Still, all in all this is a good starting point for further improvements when it comes to the game's popularity.

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