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Death Stranding: a month later

Death Stranding: a month later

A month after the release of the new game by the well-known game designer Hideo Kojima, the game has lost almost all of its popularity. In this article we will tell you what happened to the “courier simulator” on Twitch in November, and who has brought it the most popularity.

We'll start with the top of the most popular streamers of the category on Twitch. CohhCarnage channel has scored the largest number of the hours watched, bringing the game 1 million 130 thousand hours.

On the other hand, fextralife has spent the most time on the game, playing a total of 62 hours over the one month after the release. This became possible thanks to the format of the channel (which is a page of a whole community and has two people engaged in streaming).

The most popular Twitch streamer has brought the game 682 thousand hours watched in November. We are of course talking about xQc. This figure amounts to only 9.7% of his total result for the last month of autumn.

On the other hand, Lirik (whose streams have collected a little more than a million hours watched) got to the second spot in the November ranking. His adventures in Death Stranding have accounted for 18.9% of the total hours watched. His airtime was also 9 hours more than that of his Canadian counterpart.

A Russian-language channel has also managed to get in the top. In November, C_A_K_E has received a 343 thousand worth figure for his 41 hours of broadcasting. Partly due to this, Cyril's channel became the 3rd most popular among the Russian-speaking community. You can further familiarize yourself with all the data mentioned in our November Twitch streamer results.

When looking at the game as a whole, it has finished its first week in the 4th spot of Twitch's ranking by hours watched. Death Stranding fell behind only few titles – such as Fortnite, Just Chatting and the League of Legends. It should be added that the difference between the Epic Games' battle royale and the Kojima's game was only a couple of hundred thousand hours.

In the second week already, the situation started turning sour. This time, according to the results based on seven days, the game has dropped to 12th spot of popularity ranking, and the number of hours watched fell to 5 million. But this indicator is still far from being the worst. During the second half of November Death Stranding found itself outside of the top 20. Most streamers have already completed their adventures in Kojima's new game and the audience’s interest has declined, reaching minimal levels.

This chart can help you in understanding the behavior of the Twitch audience regarding the game. The biggest viewer- and channel-related activity was observed until November 14th. After this date, Death Stranding has lost its last viewers and finally disappeared from the platform's top pages.

At the end of the third month, the game has managed to reach the 12th spot of the Twitch top. In less than a month on the platform, Death Stranding was able to collect 20 million 430 thousand hours watched. The category has reached the mark of 291 thousand peak viewers. Although this figure doesn't quite reach the almost-two-million mark of League of Legends, it is still quite sufficient for a standalone game with a focus on a single-player campaign.

As a result, we have a situation where the hype around the game has disappeared a single week after the official release. This happened because of the developers putting all their efforts into the single-player walkthrough experience – meanwhile, the multiplayer component of the game has turned out to be of little interest. Because of this, after completing this game, the fans tended to instantly switch their attention towards something else.

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