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DreamHack: The first results of 2019

DreamHack: The first results of 2019

The New Year is coming closer, marking a new beginning, but at the same time making it possible to summarize some of the perfect achievements. Today we will tell you about the performance of championships from one of the world-famous organizers, DreamHack.

However, before starting the material, we will clarify some important aspects of the news. First, in the article we will consider events for two key games: Dota 2 and CS: GO. The second part of the article will talk about competitions in the Rainbow Six Siege and Rocket League.

In 2019, there were more competitions for Valve's shooter for the season, while Dota received only two events. No matter how strange it may sound, but it was one of Dota 2 championships that became the most popular event of the entire list – namely the 11th season of DreamLeague.

The championship has received a peak viewers mark of 421 thousand, while the average viewers mark was equal to 167 thousand. These indicators are the maximal ones across the Open, Masters and DreamLeague series.

This has happened for a very obvious reason – the competitive DPC system. In 2019, Dota 2 developers have limited the number of tournaments that received Dota Pro Circuit ranking points (the company uses these to issue invitations to the The International). This essentially meant that the events selected by Valve have received a decent advantage.

Among such competitions was the 11th season of DreamLeague. It received a $1 million prize pool and 15,000 DPC points. In addition to this, the tournament has attracted extra attention due to the loss of Virtus.pro the first round of the winners grid. As a result of this, the CIS community, (which is one of game's main audiences), has watched every subsequent match of the “bears” in the losers grid very closely.

The least popular event of the three series was the championship in Spain – DreamHack Open Sevilla 2019. The event has shown minimal results for all the major indicators. The average viewers of the competition has reached a result of 10 thousand people, while the peak viewers indicator has reached 26 thousand.

In this case, the list of participants may shed some light on the reasons for these particular outcomes. Seville was visited by none of the popular teams, with not even a single representative of HLTV top 10 – which simply meant that the matches have shown a level of skill that was a far cry from that seen at the more popular events.

When looking at the events of the lower-class disciplines, we should say that the Rainbow Six Siege's DreamHack Montreal became the most popular championship out of these. However, the indicators of DreamHack Valencia (an event for the same game) were minimal.

The championship in Canada has gathered 90 peak viewers. The average viewers figure has reached 42 thousand. At the same time, an event in Spain has attracted 26 thousand peak viewers and 16 thousand average viewers.

While comparing all competitions, it can be noted that the indicators of the worst result for the Rainbow Six Siege are still higher than those of its ill-faring CS:GO counterpart. At the same time, the Rocket League seems to have firmly entrenched in the middle of the popularity ranking. The game's events are not quite as powerful as to reach the top spots, but at the same time they are not occupying the bottom spots either.

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