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The effect of Coronavirus on streaming in Asia

The effect of Coronavirus on streaming in Asia

In our previous articles we were discussing the effect of Coronavirus on CIS, Europe and USA. In our new article we’ll focus on Asia, especially on Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.

We’ll talk about the growth in March and April and see how the quarantine implementation affected Asian streaming on Twitch.

Remember, that the shifts on charts depend on the changes of quarantine measures in the countries. We should consider the fact, that Twitch isn’t the main streaming platform in these regions, so the high marks belong only to Korean, Japanese and Thai languages.

Korean language

Korea was one of the epicenters of Coronavirus, but the country itself was ready to battle against the new disease thanks to the experience with MERS virus in 2015. That’s why the Korean strategy was aimed not at the compulsory quarantine, but at the advance testing of the citizens and people who contacted with the infected.

There was no lockdown in South Korea, so there was no rapid growth of streaming categories either. The Hours Watched increased by 8,2% mostly because of LCK Spring 2020 and PGS Berlin Korean Finals. At the end of March the growth of Air Time was negative and concluded -6,8%. The Streamers category also had quite sad dynamics -7,1%.

In April the situation in the country remained the same, Koreans kept social distance without forced isolation.

The growth of Hours Watched on the April’s Week 2 concluded 6,5% because of Teamfight Tactics Galaxies and the beginning of CK Spring 2020. On the Week 3 Korean categories again showed negative dynamics, the Hours Watched mark concluded -6,3%, Air Time also decreased by 3,9% compared to the beginning of the month.

At the end of April Hours Watched mark improved, but still the dynamics wasn’t positive. The final Hours Watched mark in April is -2,6% compared to the Week 1.

The end of LCK Spring 2020 and LCK Summer Promotion 2020 improved the statistics at the end of April. You can find more about new LCK records in our previous article.

Regarding the statistics, Korean language has the worst growth in April compared to other languages.

In May the most popular Korean streamer was hanryang1125, he collected 2,4M Hours Watched and 23K Peak Viewers. He streamed mostly Teamfight Tactics, Games + Demos and in Just Chatting category.

Also, we saw a comeback of handongsuk on Twitch. He collected 1,8M Hours Watched after the break and 24K Peak Viewers. His favorite disciplines in May were Teamfight Tactics, League of Legends, Fallout 4 and Just Chatting.

Saddummy also came back to the Top-3 and collected 1,4M of Hours Watched. During the May she streamed mostly in Just Chatting and League of Legends categories.

Japanese language

Japan had the same strategy against coronavirus, aimed at the rapid testing and isolation of infected people. The government relied on the wisdom of the Japanese people, not on the closure of public places.

Because of such approach Japanese saved their regular lifestyle and the categories’ growth in March was the lowest and negative half of the month. The final mark of Hours Watched growth concluded 2,4%.

The Air Time at the end of March decreased by 6,7% compared to the Week 1, and streamers decreased by 13,4%.

The most popular event for Japanese language in March is Twitch Streamer Battle (UNO), that collected 53K viewers at the peak.

In April Japan announced the emergency state, but without movement restriction, as in other European countries, so the Japanese authorities encouraged the citizens to stay at home or keep the distance.

On the Week 2 of April the Hours Watched growth remained negative -3,2%. Along with this Air Time and Streamers increased by 11%. At the end of the month, the dynamics finally became positive. The final Hours Watched mark in April concluded 18,9% of growth. Air Time increased by 26,6% and Streamers by 23,1%.

LCK Spring 2020 and Apex Legends Global Series made a great impact on dynamics, but don't forget the launch of the new Valorant discipline that has caught the attention of the gaming community around the world. You can find the results of Valorant esports in this article.

Regarding Japanese streamers, most popular streamer in this region is Fps_shaka. He prefers to stream in Apex Legends category and Hours Watched of his channel concluded 1,8M and 16K Peak Viewers at the end of May.

On the second place by popularity is stylishnoob4. In May he was the leader by Peak Viewers among streamers - 18K. Hours Watched of his channel concluded 1,4M. In May he preferred to stream in Valorant and Apex Legends categories.

Spygea closes our Top-3. He collected 847K Hours Watched and 17K viewers watched his stream at the peak. All 3 streamers invite each other and stream Apex Legends together.

Thai language

In March Thailand restricted the movement between provinces and districts of the cities and closed the borders.

In the beginning of March the Hours Watched growth concluded 20,1% and on the Week 4 improved by 53,9%. Air Time has also improved by 15,6% and Streamers by 8,6%.

In April dynamics remained positive and Hours Watched increased by 35,4% at the end of the month along with the Air Time by 31,7%. The Streamers growth concluded +24,2%.

One of the most popular tournaments in April for this language is ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Europe & CIS. It collected 17K Thai-speaking viewers at the peak. There were also PUBG tournaments, for instance, PUBG Thailand Series 2020 Phase 1 was watched by 22K viewers at the peak of the Twitch stream.

Vietnamese language

Vietnam predicted the situation with Coronavirus and implemented a strict quarantine back in February, along with the registration of infected to prevent the spread of the disease in the country.

That’s why Vietnamese language has the best growth statistics. On the second week of March the Hours Watched increased by 100%, Air Time by 61% and Streamers by 35,1%.

The growth peak was on the Week 3 in March and concluded +255% Hours Watched, +97% of Air Time and +50% of Streamers. At the end of the month the dynamics calmed down, but still remained record-breaking: +163,9% of Hours Watched, Air Time increased by 94,4%.

Many ESL tournaments took place in March-April and they’ve made the greatest impact on the growth of Vietnamese category. ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe collected 17K Vietnamese-speaking viewers at the peak and 484K of Hours Watched. ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Europe & CIS reached the same peak mark, but the Hours Watched was bigger - 585K.

At the end of April there were no new infected, so the country weakened the quarantine measures and the consequences are clearly visible on the chart. On the April’s Week 2 the Hours Watched growth concluded 20,4%, but on the Week 3 there was a sudden decrease by -20,1%. The same happened with Air Time and Streamers.

At the end of April Hours Watched decreased by 39,5% compared to the Week 1, but at the same time Streamers and Air Time increased by 42%.

Indonesian language

At the end of March Indonesia closed its borders, but didn’t implement the quarantine, that’s why Indonesians isolated themselves in order to prevent the distribution of Coronavirus.

At the beginning of March the Hours Watched growth concluded 229%, but on the Week 4 decreased by +56,9%. At the same time the Air Time growth became negative -24,6%. Streamers also decreased by 3,3%.

In April there was a rapid growth and Hours Watched increased by 116,9% and Air Time increased by 68,9%. The Streamers growth remained the same - 5,7%.

ESL One Los Angeles 2020 became popular in this category as well. The SEA region collected 16K viewers at the peak and 79K Hours Watched, while Europe & CIS reached the mark of 14K Peak Viewers and 249K of Hours Watched.

In addition to ESL, BTS Pro Series: Southeast Asia also attracted the Indonesian-speaking viewers and collected 15K at the peak and 259K of Hours Watched.

The conclusion? Asia doesn't differ from the rest of the world and it has proved again that the worldwide situation directly affects the streaming dynamics, hence one country can experience an increase of HW by 230% and another will experience nothing, despite the nation’s love for esports.

Will the dynamics remain the same next month? Subscribe to our social networks and wait for our May report.

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