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ESC Growth #2

ESC Growth #2

Esports Charts provides reliable information about the popularity of esports and gaming events. Many esports experts build their understandings about the growth of the esports industry using our statistics. We want to make our service better and more user-friendly for everybody, that is why we are constantly improving our toolkit.

We are interested in not only esports but the whole streaming industry in general. Online broadcasts became the new global trend for a very long time ago, that is why we want to understand the tendency of its growth. We created "Games" section for this purpose, which tracks the popularity of Twitch sections. We updated it recently — now you can watch not only last 30 days but also the popularity of sections by months. It will help us to compare the months with each other, thus we will understand the evolution of public demands and what will be popular in the nearest future.

One of the most important parts of esports is LAN finals. When fans of games gather in one place, then the real magic begins. That is why it is extremely important to understand where each tournament takes place, so we added a separate column with the venue of the event.

It may be surprising for many people, but Twitch and YouTube are not the only one esports broadcasts platforms. Streaming giants have serious competitors who show excellent results. For example, SteamTV and NimoTV. We started to follow these platforms a half year ago, nevertheless, they made really huge surge only recently. They started to broadcast a huge amount of tournaments and esports events.

All Valve’s tournaments are broadcasted on SteamTV. To attract the audience it gives a variety of prizes to viewers. In addition, the functionality of the platform itself is also quite impressive. It gives some results — for example, Artifact Mighty Triad: Strength Invitational, the first Artifact tournament, a new card game from Valve, most of the viewers watch using SteamTV.

NimoTV, a streaming platform from Singapore, is very popular in South-East Asia: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The management signs partnerships with local esports organizations like TNC or EVOS Esports. NimoTV also organizes esports events, including exclusive Rules of Survival tournaments, mobile Battle Royale game which is quite popular in Asia. In general, NimoTV develops rapidly and it wants to go to other regions in the nearest future.

Esports Charts becomes better and more user-friendly with each month, we often add new functions and features to our toolkit. Our goal is to make esports industry more transparent and fair for investors and all its participants. If you want to become our partner you are welcome to contact us.

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