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ESC Growth # 5: An Addition to Esports Core

ESC Growth # 5: An Addition to Esports Core

There changes on our website are ongoing. Last time we have introduced a new Esports Charts category featuring the tournament organizers and esports organizations – and now these two are joined by a broadcast platforms section.

We have decided to gather the data about the streaming platforms across the world within it. It means that our portal is finally capable of properly differentiating between the trusted and non-trusted places of this kind. This feature which was implemented through a special classification, encompassing three main classes so far: the main, secondary, and closed platforms.

The requirements for getting into the main list encompass the truthfulness and accuracy of the information provided, as well as the level of transparency shown towards our agency. The ones to qualify would be the giants of the gaming industry (such as Twitch or YouTube), as well as the regional players (such as GoodGame or Garena Live).

The secondary list houses the streaming services that make use of special viewership statistics algorithms. This particular class also contains the platforms which are not known for displaying the number of viewers or for providing data for analytics.

Such an addition to our website would help us explain the reasons behind our recent decision of increasingly ignoring certain platforms. This mostly applies to the Chinese region, the services of which often fail to provide the full scope of the data we need.

If you think that your platform is missing and should be added to our list of sources, please contact us using the following link.

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