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ESC Growth # 6: New domain, same old faces!

ESC Growth # 6: New domain, same old faces!

In the upcoming update, we've decided to pay attention to our domain. After giving it some thought, the Esports Charts team came to the conclusion that a change is due for this component as well, hence we are moving to a new web address and are now available at “ESCharts.com”.

The approach to the data provided was changed as well. While previously the data-sorting functionality was available to everyone, from now on it can be accessed only by the registered users. Additionally, the viewing of the detailed tourney statistics has also become unavailable to the unauthorized users.

We will not stop at this and will continue to improve our platform in the future. Such a step moves us closer to the PRO-version of our web portal, one that would have much larger volume of available information and statistics to offer. If you would like to help us and offer your ideas then contact us through the official Esports Charts e-mail.

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