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Esports Charts partners up with TSM esports organization

Esports Charts partners up with TSM esports organization

Esports Charts analytical agency is pleased to announce a new partnership with TSM (Team SoloMid), one of the leading organizations in the world of esports.

Esports Charts is now set to provide TSM with up to date statistical information and data analytics including media performance, audience preferences, popularity, growth of streaming audience, and involvement levels. By providing monthly expert reports on the activities of TSM’s teams and streamers, the organization has tools to better understand and evaluate the current trends and development paths of the esports market, and ultimately make more informed decisions about the future.

“We believe that our work not only provides value to esports in general, but also to teams and organizations in particular,” said Ivan Danishevsky, founder of Esports Charts. “Our analytics provides broadcasting performance metrics that enable better sponsor-organization relationships thus improving ad potency and profit growth for great partners of ours like Team SoloMid. I’m proud to make esports better, together!”

"We are looking forward to working with Esports Charts,” said Walter Wang, Head of Operations for TSM. ”Their offerings of top line accurate data will help us make the best most informed decisions for our business."

Esports Charts is a unique analytical service that explores the development paths and trends of esports and streaming in general. Statistics makes esports more honest and transparent, helping sponsors, organizers and ordinary viewers to find out the degree of popularity and excitement of any online broadcast and esports event.

TSM is an elite, gaming platform comprised of championship esports teams, world-class influencers, and technology tools that allow the entry level player all the way up to professional uplevel their game play. A platform of champions, the TSM mission is to keep striving for competitive excellence, creating engaging and entertaining content, and be an educational resource for the gaming community.

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