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Esports Charts and Gaming in Turkey Unite Forces for Turkey and MENA Region

Esports Charts and Gaming in Turkey Unite Forces for Turkey and MENA Region

Analytical agency Esports Charts has partnered with Gaming in Turkey, the Esports and Gaming Agency of Turkey, which plays an important role in the development of the esports market in the MENA region.

With the addition of new teams and players to the world of esports, the competition is growing even more. However, the importance of the data to be collected is proportionally increasing.

With the team and match comparisons made by Esports Charts, professionals will be able to access accurate data in Turkey and the MENA region as a result of Esports Charts’ and Gaming in Turkey’s collaboration.

The category of predictions in this context continues to increase excitement in the world of esports.

“Even a naked eye can see the progress of esports in the MENA region, especially in Turkey”, said Igor Krivich, co-founder of Esports Charts. “We are glad to become a full-fledged participant in the local esports market and will do our best to develop it.”

Together with the new partner, Gaming in Turkey, Esports Charts will now continue to work more actively in Turkey and the MENA region.

“As the Gaming in Turkey team, we are proud of shaping esports in Turkey together with Esports Charts. Working as partners together with Esports Charts’ team will be the key to many successful projects and achievements in our region”, said Uluç Ali Kırangil, General Manager of Gaming in Turkey.

Be informed of all the developments in the esports world with, now in Turkish! Thanks to the new partnership, the Turkish esports market will get access to every detail of the esports world.

Gaming in Turkey, founded for entirely on esports and gaming agency which serve more than 5 years in Turkey. It provides 360 degrees service with online and offline marketing integrated specifically for gaming & esports related companies.

Gathering professionals with more than 12 years of experience in the industry, Gaming in Turkey, cooperates with game publishers and developers from around the world. The agency also serves several major brands in Turkey. With Gaming in MENA Middle East office, the agency also serves the entire Middle East.

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