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Esports Charts PRO Subscription now available

Esports Charts PRO Subscription now available

Get access to advanced esports analytics and support Esports Charts global streaming research mission with PRO Subscription!

Try the new functionality for free now by observing the League of Legends 2018 World Championship!

As part of this demo, everyone will be able to personally experience the full range of new subscription features – among which are, in particular, more targeted statistics (such as the most popular matches of an event by language), bundled infographics, popularity ranking of the tournament teams and much more.

Esports Charts PRO will help not only in the analysis of tournaments, but platforms as well. As part of the subscription, the user will have more flexible settings for sorting Twitch data, and in addition to this, downloadable infographics. This applies to both the category-based and individual channel-based statistics.

A one-month subscription will cost $29.9. Buying one-year subscription allows to save as much as 17%. You can learn more about the capabilities of the PRO version on a special page.

Esports Charts PROPurchase now for$29.9

By purchasing our subscription, you support all the work done by the Esports Charts team. Along with this, you also help us to improve the analysis and reporting of the worldwide esports scene.

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