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Esports Charts PRO Halloween Sale

Esports Charts PRO Halloween Sale

All Hallow's Eve is on the way and in honor of it, we have a terribly good offer for you. To appease the dead, Esports Charts provides a discount on monthly and annual PRO subscriptions!

How to activate?

Go to https://escharts.com/pro, and enter the MONTH30 and YEAR20 promo codes to get a -30% on a monthly subscription and a -20% discount on the annual subscription!

The offer is valid only until November 2, 23:55 GMT+0.

What are the benefits of the PRO subscription?

  • Tournaments statistics split by languages and platforms based on Peak Viewers
  • Top matches of the tournament by language and platform
  • Most popular teams of the tournament
  • Additional Twitch and YouTube stats
  • Tournaments infographics
  • Twitch channels and categories ratings
  • Tournaments comparison
  • Organizers and events ratings

And remember, the night is dark and full of terrors.

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