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Fortnite Pro-Am: What has changed over the year?

Fortnite Pro-Am: What has changed over the year?

Last year we witnessed an interesting event for the Fortnite's battle royale mode. Each of the duos participating in the championship was made of a professional gamer and a celebrity, the latter coming from a variety of backgrounds. Seeing another iteration of the event happening recently, we have decided to compare its progress to its predecessor.

2019 vs 2018

Overall, the situation is not too impressive. Moreover, there was a sharp decline of interest to such kind of event. The average viewership figure has decreased by 804 thousand viewers. The online broadcast has lost almost a million viewers. This should greatly alert both the developers and fans of the game.

As for the peak figure, it has stopped at the mark of 1 million 970 thousand viewers in 2018 – and only ever managed to reach 562 thousand viewers a year later. This means that we are observing a decrease of 73% from the last year's success. Only a quarter of the audience has returned to the stream.

There is another surprising aspect to the event. Russian, Korean, Turkish and Hungarian languages have disappeared from the list of the languages the tournament was broadcasted in. At the same time, Italian and Arabic streams were added for the last championship. This decision has turned out to be not that good.

The Italian broadcast has managed to gather 2 thousand viewers on average. The peak number of viewers has reached the mark of 2,866 people. The Arabian stream didn't manage to get much farther, in fact it had even fewer viewers – 1,143 on average and 1 725 at the peak.

It is hard to name the exact reason for such a sharp decline. The overall interest to the game has decreased for sure. Of course, it still has a significant audience and can be often seen at the top of Twitch popularity ranking; but when it comes to the competitions and official broadcasts, the news are not quite as optimistic.

For example, let's take a look on the results shown by a personal stream of one of the participants – for which our pick would be Ninja. Last year he had a popular musician known as Marshmello as his partner, whereas this type he was paired with an athlete, Marshawn Lynch.

This year the peak figure of this particular gamer has reached the mark of 43 thousand viewers – whereas the same event one year earlier allowed Tyler to reach the mark of 393 thousand viewers. We can clearly see a significant decline of the results shown by this streamer.

We also cannot miss the fact that during the qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup he still managed to leave the official broadcast behind, popularity-wise. At the same time, Ninja failed to obtain such an achievement at Pro-Am – with his 43 thousand viewers being a far cry from the 128 thousand viewers of the tournament's stream. This suggests that at the very least, the real competitions are now received better than the various show matches.

The main tournament of the year, hosted by the game's developers, awaits right ahead. It will undoubtedly show the real state of things regarding the game. As for the conclusion of today's article, we can note that the viewer base of the shooter has nearly avoided the show tournament – which therefore displayed a total decline in all kinds of the viewability statistics.

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