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Identity V: Esports achievements

Identity V: Esports achievements

Detectives, notes, and hunters, who resist the unraveling of history. Not only the excellent setting became the success of mobile game Identity V, and today we’ll figure out why the game caused a furor on the Asian market.

Identity V is a horror game of 2018 for mobile devices from the Chinese company NetEase. Four players try to escape from one enemy killer, so the principle is very similar to Dead by Daylight.

The game has its unique detective setting with gothic and dollish stylistics. Moreover, each hero has its own history, which you can learn as the game progresses.

Asian players liked Identity V very much, but it found a special love in Japan. The devs made crossover events with various popular Japanese projects, such as the visual novel Danganronpa.

The game has a strong Facebook community - 473K subscribers. So stats of that platform are even better than on Twitch.

 We should highlight the quality of additional media for the game. In addition to the videos about the history of Identity V world, there are also exciting videos that promote the esports teams of this discipline.  

TiiiHaiii became the most popular Identity V streamer on Facebook for the last month. He has reached 56K Hours Watched and 1,4K Peak Viewers. But PpQueenChannel is leading by Air Time - 166 hours.

The situation is not so favorable on Twitch in terms of statistics because the game hasn't become famous on the platform yet. The most popular streamer of this category for the last month is Streaminggrizzly, with a result of 3,8K Hours Watched.

The first Identity V tournaments began in 2019, but they weren’t regular, so we took all the tournaments in 2020 for our comparison.

Identity V Championship Japan Summer 2020 was the most recent event. It was held from 7 to August 30 and gathered a total of 714K Hours Watched and 32K Peak Viewers. It is worth noting that the broadcasts were held only on the official Japanese YouTube channel.

Regarding Identity V Call Of Abyss III qualifiers, you can see how Japan has moved ahead in terms of statistics and viewers compared to other regions. 

The first official competition in South-East Asia is a cherry on top. Identity V Championship SEA 2020 was organized because of the apparent spread of the game in the Asian market. The prize fund was $28,000. That's impressive for the first significant event in this discipline. The group stage of the tournament has begun, and the finals will be held on October 25.

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