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The Last of Us Part II: The week on Twitch

The Last of Us Part II: The week on Twitch

The fans of the series have been waiting for this game for 7 years, but were their expectations fulfilled?

For those, who don’t know about the series: The Last of Us is a survival-horror exclusively for Playstation consoles. The setting is in the post-apocalyptic world where the player learns to survive within a society that has lost its former values because of the zombie apocalypse.

The Last of Us Part II is a sequel of the first part, which won many awards including the Game of the Year, and the duo of Ellie and Joel has entered the gaming history 4ever.

Players fell in love with the world of The Last of Us not for the beautiful graphics and gameplay, but for the plot, so fans were waiting for the continuation of Ellie’s story.

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So what has changed with the 2nd part? Obviously, the graphics and physics, new zombies and new crafting system. The protagonist also has changed, Now it’s Ellie, but we can also play for other characters in different parts of the story. 

The Last of Us Part II received a high number of positive reviews from the critics and this again aroused some interest. So after the official launch, the game was sold out. There’s the most interesting thing, the gamers’ opinion didn’t match with the opinion of critics.

No spoilers, gamers were disappointed not only with the plot twists but with general dialogue and character development. 

Some fans started to talk about the graphical downgrade compared to the trailer and cut in-game content. The amount of hate was enormous, enraged gamers made a petition with the request to change the plot, and some streamers even destroyed the TLOU2 game disks after their walkthrough.

Credit: The official page of TLOU2 on

The rating of the game on Metacritic decreased from 9,5 to 3,4 points in just a couple of days, and the number of negative reviews reached the mark of 30K.

It’s all is a subjective thing. Of course, for some people the game has become a masterpiece, and for some people, it’s a total disappointment, but we can not deny that it has already left its mark in the gaming industry.

What we can discuss objectively is the viewership statistics on Twitch.

The release of the game took place on the 19th of June, but some streamers got early access the day before

On the pre-launch day, the game was streamed by 1258 streamers, and after the release, this amount has increased to 5K.

On June 18, 482K people watched the game, and Hours Watched reached the mark of 3,4M. The weekly peak of viewers was reached with the release of the game - 507K, and Hours Watched increased by 122% (7,5M).

On the 3rd day, the statistics got worse, but not drastically, the Hours Watched decreased by 28% and Peak Viewers by 20%. On the one hand, it is expected, as the game itself is considered for 20-30 hours, depending on the walkthrough style. So, at that time, many streamers have already reached the final part of the game. 

On the last day of the week, the Hours Watched concluded 702K, and 103K viewers watched the game at the peak. The regress compared to the beginning of the week is solid, but the game still showed much better results than the recent games we’ve reviewed, namely Mafia II: Definitive Edition and GTA V after a giveaway in the Epic Store. 

The sequel of The Last of Us attracted many popular streamers, the first place in terms of Hours Watched is occupied by Portuguese streamer Alanzoka, he reached 1,4M HW. 

Fextralife is leading in English-speaking category - 1,3M Hours Watched. But he was streaming for 60 hours, which is twice as much as the other streamers from our list. 

Spanish streamer Rubius is leading by Peak Viewers - 90K simultaneous fans in just 7 hours of Air Time. 

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