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Legends of Runeterra: The first two weeks

Legends of Runeterra: The first two weeks

Opening the year was the start of the open testing of Legends of Runeterra. Today we will describe the release of the new CCG's on Twitch.

It should be mentioned that we have already talked about the achievements of the Riot's new creation in the past. This particular article has covered a single day into the game's beta-testing since the moment of its establishment. But much has changed since then.

Upon the release, game's category has started from the figure of 50 thousand viewers, only to have it decrease by several times in the scope of few hours. When it came to the February 7th (two weeks into the open testing), the peak viewers figure of this category has dropped by 86%. As for the average viewers, it has amounted to 27 thousand viewers on the first day and dropped by 8 thousand viewers (that is, by 70%) by the end of the second week.

Even the initial figure from January 25th couldn't reach the result from the time of beta-testing: when the gameplay was unveiled for the first time, it attracted the whole world's attention and resulted in 229 thousand peak viewers mark. Compared to this, the figure seen upon the game's release has dropped by 76%, which is extremely disappointing.

The channels have faced a similar fate, with 2 thousand of them broadcasting the game at the time of release – only to drop to a couple of hundred channels two weeks later. To be more exact, this drop amounts to the 83% of the first day's figure.

The game shows a rather strange performance compared to its main rivals: Hearthstone and MTG (with Artifact being not included as far as nowadays it is one of the less viewed categories).

Legends of Runeterra has not managed to keep up with Hearthstone, which is arguably the most important game of the genre. Their comparison shows the loss of Legends of Runeterra in all possible aspects.

However, when compared to MTG, Runeterra manages to show itself favorably – given that its rival has fewer viewers and channels. This may be attributed to the large degree of similarity between the games. The genre's progenitor features a number of mechanics identical to those of the Riot Games' creation.

So far we can surmise that Legends of Runeterra has already gathered an audience of its own. However, the way for the game's developer to develop and expand the game's esports scene is still unknown. This means that much more players may become interested in the game once Riot Games unveils its respective plans, allowing us to expect a boost in viewability of game's broadcasts.

The releases by Riot Games do not end at this, since the studio is already starting to promote its "Valorant" shooter, as well as has a number of announced Riot Forge projects. All of this should impact its fan community in a positive way, which will certainly be of help to other games of the studio, Legends of Runeterra included.

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