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Mobile gaming trends in CIS Region

Mobile gaming trends in CIS Region

Mobile gaming has become the largest segment of the global gaming market. Mobile games make 45% of total gaming market revenue. And, according to Newzoo Global Mobile Market Report for 2019, Russia is the 5th largest market by smartphone users and it’s one of the most perspective gaming markets because of the amount of users.

So, what are the trends of mobile esports in CIS Region? Let’s find out.

First popular game in the CIS Region is Free Fire. It has a very strong Russian community, their official VK page has more than 855K subscribers. Recently we saw the finals of Free Fire Russia League Season 1. The broadcast was held on VK Live and YouTube. The viewing peak was 15K spectators and YouTube has collected more than 1,8M views.

However, the Russian tournament has finished with a scandal. Team TROYA was disqualified from the tournament because they passed their accounts to 3 players of team DT - Maverick, Bauman and Den1als. As a result, these 3 guys were banned permanently for all Free Fire events by Garena. All TROYA team members are suspended from Free Fire Garena eSports for 1 year and the winner of the tournament is Team ASSA. So, we are waiting for the announcement of dates for Free Fire World Series 2020, that was postponed due to COVID-19.

On the other hand, Arena of Valor is the most viewed mobile esports game of 2019, but not in the CIS region. For example, there were no official Russian broadcasts of Arena of Valor World Cup 2019. It's strange that Tencent doesn’t want to promote this MOBA game in CIS region. The game isn’t even translated in Russian and has no official Russian tournaments. The popularization of AoV is slowed down with no reason, including the fact, that MOBA is the most popular gaming genre in CIS region. 

PUBG Mobile is on the second place by mobile games’ popularity in the world, and for this game CIS Region isn’t an exception. Few days ago the end of PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 Spring CIS has shown great results for this discipline. There were 16 teams competing on the tournament. The viewing peak was 4,6K spectators and YouTube broadcast has collected 487K views. We’ll see 5 CIS teams in the Regional finals.

Our next game is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The game gained popularity very fast and formed its own CIS community. In fact, there were 5,9K Russian viewers on MLBB World Championship 2019 Twitch stream and the recording on YouTube collected more than 96K views. Now the CIS region is waiting for the quarterfinal spring qualifiers that will start on 22nd of March.

Also, last year there were such tournaments as Clash Royale's Russian eSports Cup 2019, the peak on this tournament was only 871 Russian-speaking spectators. The next one is Guns of Boom's Gods of Boom ESL One Cologne 2019 with a peak of 460 Russian-speaking spectators. It is worth noting the peak at Brawl Stars World Finals 2019 - 7K of Russian-speaking spectators, but the game has no formed Russian community. Overall, other tournaments were left without the attention of spectators.

Mobile esports in CIS region is only in the process of its development and there’s definitely so much more to do with it. The only thing is the developer interest and the encouragement of CIS community. 

Also, the troubles with the development are caused by the fact that YouTube is main streaming platform for mobile gaming, and the CIS audience is more adapted for Twitch, so that's why we have such low viewership marks and not so large audience.

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