Most viewed esports teams of 2019

Most viewed esports teams of 2019

There are a lot of different championships each year. The viewers are watching streams not only because of individual players. Famous organizations with their own fans are also a reason for that. Today we will tell you about the teams who collected the biggest amount of views and gained worldwide recognition.

#10 Ninjas in Pyjamas

Our TOP-10 begins with Ninjas in Pyjamas. After the resurrection, they made CS:GO their main discipline. As time goes on, the NiP family expanded to 4 roasters in such games, as Dota 2, CS:GO, PUBG and Rainbow Six.

But, the number of roasters didn’t impact on their achievements. Their Dota 2 team stayed in the middle of rating during the whole DPC season and later stood out on StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2 in triumph. Though, on The International  NiP team was eliminated in the first row, thus they remained unnoticed.

Their CS:GO roster had almost the same situation. They flopped on the last Major and lost their chance to become a winner. As a consequence of their continuous participation in primary events, they collected 37M hours watched.

#9 Virtus.pro

The representatives of the CIS region - Virtus.pro showed mixed results compared with the previous year. At the end of 2019 they had just CS:GO, Dota 2, Fortnite and Apex Legends rosters. All of the teams collected 38M Hours Watched in total, and the biggest impact was provided by Dota 2.

On the one hand, they collected additional viewers due to the perfect timing of the signing of battle royale’s rosters. On the other hand, their CS:GO Polish roster showed horrendous results, thus they lost the interest of the audience except for their true fans.

But, it’s not relevant to their Dota 2 team. They played brilliantly during the whole season and even participated in The International. However, they experienced a total fiasco and were placed on the 9-12th position. If Virtus.pro team would have played greater we would’ve seen the larger hours watched number.

#8 Team Vitality

Team Vitality became one of the headliners in 2019. French organization has competitive CS:GO roster and pretty decent rosters for other disciplines.

They continued to develop their other disciplines and, at the end of the year, they had 10 rosters at the same time. Moreover, their teams have unconventional names in terms of esports, like F1, because they had such authoritative sponsors as Renault.

Vitality reached the result of 42M Hours Watched due to their variety of rosters. Fans especially appreciated the games of CS:GO roster. The end of the year for Team Vitality was delightful as they won the EPICENTER 2019 and terminated the winning streak of mousesports.

#7 Evil Geniuses

Most of the year this organization was hosting just Dota, Fortnite and Rainbow Six teams, but later they expanded their roster with new CS:GO team. In total they collected 45M Hours Watched in 2019.

The previous year didn’t become special for EG. The teams continued to participate in the biggest worldwide championships. Dota 2 team actually participated in The International but was not able to bring the Aegis home.

CS:GO team started their career with the ESL One New York 2019 win. They began to conquer the arena since team NRG, but in the end, they leaned back and lost their titles.

#6 Natus Vincere

No doubt that Natus Vincere is one of most popular CIS organizations. These Ukrainian enthusiasts created 6 different rosters: from Dota 2 to Apex Legends. As a result, they collected 49M Hours Watched.

In contrast to their Virtus.pro rival, Na’Vi didn’t focus just on 1 roaster. Their year began with IEM Katowice Major semi-final and StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 7 victory. In spring Dota 2 team entered DreamLeague Season 11 and that was the end of their major achievements till autumn.

At the end of the year Rainbow Six roaster really impressed the community. The team showed their outstanding skill and even won in the Pro League finale. At the same time, Dota 2 team gained momentum participating in other well-known events and even went to Asia on ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational Singapore.

#5 Astralis

Most distributed organization models are based on multiple rosters in terms of different disciplines. But, guys from Astralis created their own role model, that’s why since their foundation they have only 2 rosters: CS:GO и LoL.

And it didn’t bother them to impress us and join our top. Besides that, in 2019 Astralis company entered the stock market. Even though their stock prices are falling, this is a big move for esports and in one year this organization collected 50M Hours Watched.

For Astralis 2019 was the continuation of their champions history. They won twice in different competitions. They have conquered IEM Katowice Major in winter with StarLadder Major Berlin in autumn. Nowadays, it is safe to say that Astralis is the most titled CS:GO team in the world, having 4 golden medals on major.

Also, their LoL roster didn’t lose their face. They almost won the LEC, but surrendered because of G2 Esports. In summer Astralis tried to repeat their success but it didn’t happen and they lost their title and didn’t receive their Worlds invitation.

#4 T1

Moving further to the top positions of our chart. There is a lot of impact from LoL teams in the top row. One of these influencers is T1 team. Including LoL, the organization hosts 7 rosters. It’s a pity that their announced Dota 2 team didn’t come to life.

In 2019 T1 can show off with their results. They reached the biggest peak viewers mark in the history of esports during the match against G2 in the 2019 World Championship semi-final. The battle between European and Korean players attracted more than 4M viewers. We can’t even imagine the number of viewers if this match would’ve been played in Grand Finals.

The biggest part of the hours watched is collected by LoL. This team was the most powerful during the splits in Korea. In addition, they managed to get to MSI semi-final and to Worlds 2019 semi-final in autumn.

In total their accomplishments collected 72M hours watched. it is valuable to note that the difference between T1 and Astralis in hours watched category is 44%, but, as we know the power of T1, it’s definitely expected.

#3 Fnatic

It’s clear, that the main power of this legendary organization is the LoL roster. But, besides LoL, this Fnatic has 7 different departments with few teams in one game.

In 2018 LoL team reached the World Championship final, therefore in 2019 the whole esports community was following their moves. Everyone had a question if Rekkles and his team could reach the same results after the loss of midliner. Even though, they lost in the final, they collected the bigger amount of views than normal.

We can’t but admit interesting managing moves. For example, another Fnatic LoL team is based in Great Britain. Along with them, the Rainbow Six Siege department is consisted of Australian players and performs in Oceanian countries and their Dota team is playing in Southeast Asia. Such division helps the organization to attract fans not only in Europe but around the world.

#2 G2 Esports

In the second position, there are quite loud guys who are famous for their social pages. G2 gathered a large number of fans thanks to their interesting posts and constant contests apart on their social pages from their LoL skill. The hours watched result of this organization in 2019 is 102M hours.

2019 for G2 Esports went with ease. Firstly they conquered LEC Spring. Then they speed up and take with them the first MSI cup in European esports history. They didn’t stop their training, so in summer they received their gold medal on LEC Split.

On LoL WorldsG2 showed their best. They finished the group stage with only 1 lose and in the playoffs they destroyed 2 Korean teams. But something went wrong in the most important match and they finished the season in second place.

On the other side, Rainbow Six Siege team conquered the discipline tournament and in the finale of Six Invitational 2019, they crushed Team Empire and continued their winning streak.

#1 Team Liquid

The most popular organization of the year is Team Liquid. This team has 20 years of esports history and a lot of events behind their back. And in 2019 they conquered their new achievement - 124M hours watched in total.

Nowadays Liquid has 14 rosters in different esports disciplines. Besides that, the organization always follows the trends of the industry and uses them accordingly. Team Liquid became the first to believe in the auto-battle genre and along with that built their own esports headquarter in the USA.

In 2019 their Dota 2 team could become two-time World Champions, but they lost to OG in Grand Finals of The International.

In the middle of the year CS:GO team gathered some attention and won on the 6 championships in a row. Also, they received $1M for the second season of Intel Grand Slam.

Overall, they handle the management of their teams very well, so they show at least medium results during the whole year. Sometimes they make mistakes, but in 2019 Liquid proved to us how strong they are.

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