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MSI 2019: New record for Group Stage

MSI 2019: New record for Group Stage

Earlier, we have summarized the results of the Play-In Stage of the Mid-Season Invitational 2019. Now the group part of the championship has come to an end. In this article we will closely inspect its results, as well as provide a comparison with its counterpart from the last year.

When considering the overall audience, we can see that MSI shows a decent amount of growth. The average number of viewers has increased by 155 thousand, whereas the peak number of viewers has increased by 230 thousand. This kind of increase in the audience has happened due to a number of factors – such as the factor of bringing the championship to Vietnam.

It was not accidental for us to mention this country, given that the Vietnamese broadcast has gained 66 thousand extra viewers on average, and 100 thousand extra viewers in the peak as compared to its 2018 performance. Aside of the championship being moved to Vietnam, this sudden jump in popularity was also helped by the participation of Phong Vũ Buffalo – the sole representative of VCS.

The second broadcast to demonstrate the growth of the average number of viewers was the Korean one, gaining 50 thousand viewers. But as for the peak number of viewers, it managed to take the top spot in terms of increasing peak audience with its 124 thousand extra viewers. Who knows, maybe the participation of SKT in the Mid-Season Invitational Finals will increase this particular figure even more.

The English-language channel also didn't stand aside, entering the green with a decent increase of audience as well – 30 thousand extra viewers on average and 326 thousand extra viewers for the peak. The latter figure also shows an increase of 27 thousand compared to its own 2018 counterpart.

As for the Thai, French, German, Czech and Hungarian streams, they have all shown negative performance. The latter ones have lost the fewest amounts of viewers, showing a decrease of 700 viewers on average, as well as a decrease of a bit over 1500 viewers in the peak.

We note once again that the Chinese platforms weren't taken into account. Additionally, this time the statistics of the Russian-language broadcast were obscured from our eyes. Ever since its official channel has moved to Yandex, it no longer provides public information.

The playoffs will be the next stage of the Mid-Season Invitational, and this is where we expect to see an even greater increase in audience. Our attention is aimed at the American audience, given that for the first time ever, the representatives of North America have managed to reach the finals of this championship.

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