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Path of Exile: Which league is the most popular on Twitch?

Path of Exile: Which league is the most popular on Twitch?

Every three months, Path of Exile releases an update that introduces plenty of new content. This patch also serves to bring the existing players back to the game, as well as to attract newcomers. Still, which of the recent leagues was the most popular? Let it be shown by our statistics.

For those who were out of the loop, Path of Exile is an Action/RPG game popularly known as an heir to Diablo 2. The developers of the game are big fans of the Diablo-inspired genre, and therefore their creation does largely resemble this legendary title.

As we've already mentioned, Path of Exile is known to introduce a major update every three months. Along with it, the game gains a unique new league with new rules, mechanics, and balance changes. This time the Harvest league was the latest one to be introduced. Many have dubbed it the "Farm Frenzy" due to the large focus on the concept of growing a garden.

However, which of the last leagues was the most popular and why? Let's try to answer this question by taking a look at the following three indicators: peak viewers, peak channels and hours watched. The data gathered covers the period of the first three days from the moment of the release of the game update.

Based on the peak viewers indicator, the first spot is occupied by Metamorph. The same situation can be observed for the hours watched. The latest update in the face of Harvest was below its predecessor by around 9% of this indicator. However, this league is at the top by the peak channels indicator. Overall, the graph shows a gradual increase in interest.

The Blight league became the biggest failure on Twitch in terms of popularity – as shown by all the indicators. That's given that the very next update, Metamorph, will become the most popular one of all. It looks like the game's developers have monitored the situation rather closely, taking all the necessary measures to amend their failure – which has resulted in the release of the game's most popular league.

It's rather interesting that the last two leagues fell at the time of the coronavirus pandemic. With the many countries having quarantined their residents, a large part of the population now had more free time to spend. Obviously, the fans of computer games began to spend it on their favorite pastime: gaming.

However, this came with its own share of problems. In case of Delirium, standing out the most was the game servers' failure to deal with the influx of players. The network aspect of Path of Exile had a tendency of becoming rather problematic towards each day's evening – especially when talking about the Moscow server.

One could think that this would've affected the game's viewability, as in "If the players are unable to play, then they will spectate." But in this case, the statistics tend to concur – and it is hard to pinpoint an exact reason.

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