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PMCO: Asia keeps surprising

PMCO: Asia keeps surprising

The qualifiers for the spring split of PUBG Mobile Club Open came to an end. Therefore, we will summarize the qualifiers before the start of the competition itself. In the future, the championship itself will also come under our attention.

First, it is worth reminding that the Chinese platforms have not participated in our statistics. However, the results were still complemented by the Chinese viewers from trusted services.

In general, the discipline doesn't seem like anything to be overly excited about. However, Southeast Asia clearly stands out among all the regions. It got a much longer league with more matches. On average, the respective tournament's airtime has turned out to be 3 times longer as compared to the other corners of the globe. Thanks to this the competition has managed to reach a number of good indicators.

First, it is worth noting the peak figure for the Southeast Asia event. It reached a total of 364 thousand viewers. For comparison, the ranking's second spot got the result of 132 thousand, and as for “bronze” spot owners, theirs did not exceed even 24 thousand. At the same time, all the other participants of the ranking cannot boast about any sort of great results.

In terms of the average viewers indicator, Asia has also outranked its colleagues by an order of magnitude, attracting a total of 71 thousand viewers. The contribution of the Indonesian broadcast is noteworthy. The majority of viewers watched the match events on this particular stream. The percentage of this audience from the overall standings of the event is equal 63%, which is more than a half.

In the past, we have already taken a look at the mobile gaming with MOBA genre as an example. In that case, the title of majority was taken by Vietnam and its viewers. However, when it came to shooters, these very fans became the least interested group among all the audiences represented.

We also often note an unusual factor regarding the viewing platforms themselves. Southeast Asia seems to be greatly addicted to YouTube and Facebook. The latest broadcast service takes 18% of the overall result of PMCO SEA League 2019. Many Western readers may find this strange, but for the eastern hemisphere this is quite common.

On a side note, in this particular discipline Europe doesn't fare great in the battle of statistics versus North America. The “New World” takes a decisive victory against its counterpart, with more than twice of a margin at that. The situation repeats with the average viewers. For America, this indicator reached the mark of 4 thousand people, while for its opponent it stopped at 2 thousand.

In conclusion, it can be said that we will have a very interesting battle of statistics during the upcoming championship. While the western hemisphere does not follow the game that much, our eastern friends are not opposed to updating their records of viewability. We will definitely follow up on this and tell you about the data collected in our blog.

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