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The regional results for the EU Masters 2020

The regional results for the EU Masters 2020

EU Masters is the main European tournament outside of the LEC. The championship has been gathering a large number of promising players in an equally large number of regional competitions for a second year in a row. Today we will tell you about the viewability results shown by the spring season of the European leagues.

In this article, we will take a close look at the ranking of all the European Masters competitions. The top will be based on such indicators as peak viewers, average viewers and the hours watched. At times, the latter indicator can be seen as not fully objective due to the major difference in airtime between a number of events.

In any case, SuperLiga Orange split has managed to dominate all the three indicators, showing the biggest results among all events and reaching the mark of 46 thousand peak viewers. On the other side we can see the LPLOL with its 1 thousand peak viewers, which is the lowest result.

Of course, it should be noted that LFL has managed to stand out among the rest of events due to its format. While the Play-In European Masters already saw the major battles of its two groups, the French teams were still finishing the playoffs of their league.

Fnatic Rising has once again triumphed in the UK. This is already the third champions title for the team achieved at the UK League Championship. As for the EU Masters, the team has only managed reach the 3rd-4th spots, twice.

There were some interesting moments for the German league as well. The roster of mousesports saw Obsess in the position of a forester. Obsess is a player who is well-known in the League of Legends community and have also participated in the creation of L9. This has naturally influenced the number of views received by the league, given that extremely large fanbase of the “Low Nine” club.

Overall, we are seeing a repeat of the situation with the popularity of leagues by all the indicators. The Spanish SuperLiga Orange tournament became the most popular tournament of the spring. Meanwhile, the Scandinavian tournament has had the lowest viewability so far. It should be also said that every European league has shown growth – including even the not-too-popular events such as the Esports Balkan League.

The big tags found among the participants are partly to blame for this. The second rosters of G2 Esports and MAD Lions are taking part in the Spanish league. Aside of this, the list includes the second roster of the Giants GamingVodafone Giants, the guys known to have many fans on the Iberian Peninsula.

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