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The most popular tournaments of April

The most popular tournaments of April

Esports develops rapidly. We can prove this fact easily with our statistics — something incredible happens every month. April surprised us too.

China continues to go crazy. Playoffs of the Chinese League of Legends local league happend in April and it set a new record in the esports. LPL Spring 2018 became four time bigger and more popular compare to the previous year and it took the second place in the list of the most popular esports events in the history of esports — immediately after Worlds 2017. It is scary to think what will happen next year.

Dota 2 Asia Championship totaled a lot of Chinese viewers because of the successful performance of the Chinese teams and the fact that it is a home tournament for spectators and teams for Celestial empire. Chinese mobile game King of Glory continues to gather millions of viewers with each months. The Korean league LCK always attracts attention of the Chinese spectators. Nevertheless, the fifth place is quite curious.                                                                                                                                                                        

The Chinese streaming service Huya organized a major PUBG tournament with huge prize pool  ¥1.400.000 or $220.000. All well-known teams and players of Celestial Empire took part in the event, thus it attracted millions of viewers. The tournament began in April, we are sure that playoffs in May should collect even more spectators.

Fortnite is going into esports! we have already wrote a blog about Fortnite several time ago, read it if you are interested in. To make long story short: the most popular streamer in the world Ninja organized its own tournament Ninja Vegas ‘18. It gathered astronomical amount of viewers. It also became known recently that the Chinese company Tencent is going to publish Fortnite in China and invest $15 million in Fortnite esports. This discipline has a huge potential to become a new grandee in the industry.

Traditional League of Legends leagues and Major CS:GO tournament DreamHack Masters Marseille took all other positions in the list of the most popular broadcasts without Chinese viewers.

The English-speaking top is absolutely the same as the previous one in our blog. The only difference is that LCK Spring 2018 fell to the last place, while DreamHack Masters Marseille took the fourth position,

Viewers from the CIS region usually watch nothing except Dota 2 and CS:GO, however April was able to surprise. Epicenter XL group stage gathered a lot of fans since two the most well known teams Natus Vincere and Virtus.Pro met each other in the match. What is more interesting — League of Legends hit this top. LCL Spring 2018 grand final attracted a huge amount of people. Last year’s league gathered 53.000 at the peak, so the growth is significant

The list of the most popular Twitch broadcasts is pretty similar to the previous tops, except for the presence of Overwatch League. Shooter from Blizzard gathered a lot of viewers. If it had 10.000 more viewers it would outrun LCK Spring 2018. Russian broadcast of Epicenter XL was much more popular compare to the English-speaking because of the match between the most well known teams in the CIS region.

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