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The most popular tournaments of May 2020 in Asia

The most popular tournaments of May 2020 in Asia

Our last report about May results is on the way. We’ve already spoken about the most popular tournaments of May by overall Twitch statistics and today we’ll discuss the preferences of Asian viewers from Vietnam, Korea, Japan, and India. 

The main feature of all these countries is that they often have their own trends, which differ from the rest of the world and today we'll try to prove it.


Knives Out tournament is leading in Japan. By the way, Knives Out is the mobile Battle Royale by Chinese developer NetEase.

The event was held for 3 days and, as a result, 91K viewers watched the YouTube broadcast at the peak, although the game didn’t show up in any other region.

The final of LJL Spring has also received its attention and collected 67K Japanese-speaking viewers at the peak, but, strangely, it wasn’t on the 1st position, even though LoL is the second game in Japan by viewership.

Twitch Japan VALORANT Super match also stood out because the participants were broadcasting the event on their Twitch-channels. Fps_shaka, the most viewed Japanese streamer in May, has overtaken the official broadcast with the result of 16K viewers at the peak. Yamatonjp, lazvell, and dep_ow also streamed their matches. 

Japanese people were also curious about other mobile esports events.  

Clash Royale League 2020 East Spring, following the example of Clash Royale League West, merged CRL Asia and CRL China into one league to improve the level of competition. Compared to the last Asian league, the results have improved - the peak was 25K spectators.


Spectators from Vietnamese broadcasts preferred AoV tournament Arena of Glory Spring the most. This event also entered our overall top of May and took the second position there. 

It is important to note that usually the peak consists of different language categories, but the viewers' peak (468K) of Arena of Glory consists only of Vietnamese-speaking fans.  

All other tournaments in the top are connected with the League of Legends, but their result is much smaller than of Arena of Glory. 

The reason for this interest in League of Legends is that Vietnam is one of the 5 major LoL regions, as well as many popular Vietnamese teams such as Team FlashTalon, and EVOS Esports participated in some tournaments. 


As we can see, mobile esports and PUBG Mobile are leading in this region. 

PUBG Mobile Pro League Spring South Asia was considered as the next step towards PUBG Mobile World Championship 2020 and it has collected 217K viewers at the peak. Team Celtz surprised everyone, their results were decent during the year, but they managed to win this Major. 

PMPL South Asia Scrims Season 3 hyped a little in Southeast Asia, as there were 54K and 42K Indonesian and Malaysian fans in addition to 105K Hindi-speaking viewers.

The peak of PUBG Mobile Super Heroes Battle 2020 was half the amount of the previous event - 55K. 

OR Championship - Legends Rise 2020 became the first tournament by Indian PUBG team Orange Rock. It was held for 4 days and collected 41K Peak Viewers and 211K Hours Watched. 


Koreans shared the same view with American and European viewers, so new League of Legends Mid-Season Cup 2020 is also leading in this region and it was predictable due to several factors: 

  1. League of Legends is the most viewed category on Twitch and YouTube in the Korean category.
  2.  T1, the best team in the Korean region, has also participated, and their matches always attract a lot of viewers. Their battle with Top Esports collected 401K Peak Viewers.    

Kartrider League Season 1 is on the second place. It was organized by the game devs and it took place from January to May. The viewers' peak compared to the Mid-Season Cup 2020 is certainly much smaller - 53K spectators. 

The next League of Legends event is LPL Spring. Although it was a Chinese league, many Koreans play in Chinese teams, and 36K viewers watched the event at the peak. 

Overwatch League 2020 May Melee has collected 21K spectators on Korean broadcasts. The reason for this is both the popularity of the discipline in this region and the presence of Korean players in the teams. 

We should note that due to the transition of Overwatch from Twitch to YouTube, the discipline has disappeared from the tops, but the Korean region has become an exception.  

Twitch Rivals VALORANT Launch Showdown Korea was aimed at this region and collected almost 14K viewers, along with English-speaking fans - 1,7K. 

Our statistics again proved that Asian viewers have their own trends, not only compared to the general statistics, but also by Asian regions. 

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