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The viewership results of BLAST Premier Spring 2020

The viewership results of BLAST Premier Spring 2020

BLAST Premier Spring 2020 has come to an end this weekend. Initially, the event had to be offline, but because of Coronavirus, the organizers divided the tournament by regions - America and Europe.

Today we’ll talk about the main highlights of the tournaments and we'll see which region has set the new record by statistics.

8 teams fought in a European region for a $500,000 prize pool.

Complexity Gaming surprised all the fans with their win. Firstly, they’ve beaten the FaZe Clan for the spot in the finals, though the predictions weren’t on the side of Complexity. 

Then they’ve met with French team Vitality in the finals and ended with 2:1 score and 296K viewers watched their match at the peak. But this wasn't the overall peak, because it was reached earlier, at the match of NAVI vs. Vitality - 313K viewers.

There’s an interesting situation with the audience - many streamers were broadcasting the tournament, that’s why apart from English-speaking viewers (142K) BLAST Premier Spring 2020 was watched by Portuguese-speaking fans thanks to Gaules as a "host" of Brazilian studio. 

His broadcast became the most popular by the number of viewers. 120K watched his stream at the peak during the match of Complexity Gaming vs. Vitality. So his stream has overtaken the official broadcast. 

As we can see, Natus Vincere became the most popular team by viewership collecting 199K average viewers on their games. Also, 3 matches with them have reached our top. But they didn’t reach to the finals and took only the 4th place after the loss to Vitality.

The French team Vitality is on the 2nd place by Average Viewers but leads by Hours Watched - 3,3M because they fell into the lower bracket at the beginning of the tournament and fought their way up to the finals.

Only 4 teams participated in the American region, so the prize pool was smaller. But despite such a number of participants, the viewership statistics was popping thanks to the “tribo” of one famous streamer.

Brazilian streamer Gaules actively supported his fellow citizens Made in Brazil and attracted a lot of attention to their games, so 327K viewers watched their matches on average. For comparison, the winners of American Finals Evil Geniuses attracted only 262K Average Viewers.

As for the Gaules' broadcast - it became the most popular in the American region by collecting 390K viewers at the peak.

For reference, 68K Peak Viewers watched the official broadcast of BLAST Premier, and the Russian studio Winstrike_tv was watched by 32K.

At the end of the day, a new record by viewership was achieved thanks to Gaules and his huge fan-base. 

This isn’t the first time when Gaules boosts the statistics of CS:GO tournaments, the same situation was on ESL One Road to Rio and ESL Pro League.

The Gaules phenomenon should not go unnoticed, so wait for our detailed analysis of his channel in our future articles. Subscribe to our social networks to stay informed about our new exclusive reports.

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