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SpaceX launch: 10M online viewers at the peak

SpaceX launch: 10M online viewers at the peak

The launch of Falcon 9 rocket by Elon Musk’s company SpaceX became the first American flight from American soil for the first time in nine years since the closure of the Space Shuttle program. Two American astronauts, Robert Benken and Douglas Hurley, were sent to the ISS. 

Such thing couldn’t go unnoticed, so our team prepared for you the statistics of this event. The broadcasts were held on Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook Live and Mixer. 

The first try of the launch was on May 27, but it was cancelled about 15 minutes before the scheduled liftoff time due to the weather conditions. 4,7M viewers watched this broadcast at the peak.

The second attempt took place on Saturday, May 30, and it was a success. The peak concluded 10,1M simultaneous viewers. 

How was this result achieved?

It’s obvious that such event was broadcast by news channels and the biggest impact was made by YouTube broadcast of NBC News with 768K viewers at the peak. The next is PBS with 286K peak viewers. Among TV channels, ABC, FOX News and CNBS also launched their broadcasts. 

As for the press, British newspaper The Telegraph achieved a result of 156K peak viewers, Bloomberg collected 130K viewers at the peak. In addition to them, TIME Magazine, The Washington Post and The Sun tabloid also streamed the event. 

We see such situation in terms of languages because of the large number of broadcasts on different platforms around the world: 

The English broadcasts collected 9 666 940 viewers at the peak, Spanish - 162K, Portuguese - 88K, Russian - 68K, Italian - 56K and French - 52K viewers at the peak. 

Twitch streamers also joined to the broadcasts.

Besides official NASA channel, which collected 392K viewers at the peak, Brazilian streamer Gaules and American streamer Lirik also streamed the launch of Falcon 9 and collected 42K at the peak of their broadcasts. 

There were also broadcasts by the Spanish streamer cdeciencia, Italian streamer adrianfartade and many other non-English streamers, who caused such diversity of the audience in terms of languages.

The final results of the platforms:

Overall peak on Youtube concluded 9M viewers;

Facebook  - 979K viewers; 

Twitch - 679K viewers; 

Mixer - 2,6K viewers; 

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