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The results of WESG 2018

The results of WESG 2018

Another season of WESG's esports Olympiad has concluded. We have learned which nations had the strongest competitors, which means that now is the time for summarizing the overall results. We are ready to present you a conclusive analysis of World Electronic Sports Games 2018.

In total, the esports Olympiad had eight disciplines present, including CS:GO, Dota 2, Vainglory, Hearthstone, Pro Evolution Soccer and StarCraft 2. We should note that the female competitions for the respective games were not included in the comparison.

Despite the event's name and scope being loud and proud, the results of the "esports Olympiad" are far from being olympic. Forget that, they even pale in comparison to those of usual competitions for any of the disciplines featured (especially when taking the quite large prizes into account).

Probably it would be best to start with Dota 2. The favorite of the Russian-speaking community has shown some extremely dissatisfying figures. On average, the game's matches were watched by a little more than 40 thousand viewers, whereas the peak figure has reached the mark of 135 thousand viewers.

Next on the list is CS:GO with its average online presence of 26 thousand viewers. At the event, this discipline has managed to peak at 92 thousand viewers. This happens to conclude the list of the comparatively “big” figures of World Electronic Sports Games 2018.

The third in the Olympiad's popularity ranking would be the strategy from Blizzard, StarCraft 2. On average, the broadcasts of this esports title have managed to attract 9 thousand viewers. At the same time, the peak figure for the respective stream has managed to reach the mark of 40 thousand viewers.

Following it is yet another title from Blizzard. Hearthstone did not manage to score any sort of good result, with fewer than two thousand viewers spectating its matches on average. Its peak figure has stopped at the mark of 13 thousand. Such a situation doesn't show any good future prospects, and here's why.

The last two disciplines have essentially shown the stagnancy of the whole situation. Should we mention Vainglory and its online presence of one thousand viewers? This mobile title has also peaked at the mark of only 2 thousand viewers. As for the concentration of failure, it has actually peaked for the tournament of another game.

Ranked even lower than the mobile strategy was PES. The amount of viewers for its matches has amounted to mere hundreds, with the tournament peaking at three hundred viewers. This begs asking the organizers a reasonable question. Yes, you guessed it right: "why would the Olympiad ever need a Konami soccer sim?" To many, FIFA would be a much more understandable choice, given that the EA's creation is much more popular among the video game fans.

Overall, the third esports festival from AliSports has managed to show that the game industry as a whole is losing interest to the national competitions. That's as long as we are expecting the return of the legend in the face of WCG, and we will definitely provide a summary of its results as well.

As for today, we can conclude that the esports Olympiad is by far not as interesting as its organizers would like it to be.

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