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Six Major: The Good News

Six Major: The Good News

The recent Six Major was a great event and presented an occasion to conduct an intermediate comparison of the results of the two seasons. Today we will compare its results with the Parisian major and tell how the game’s audience behaved.

The overall picture shows us the positive development. Fast forward one year, the championship received an increase both in the peak and average viewers. This is while the Russian guys became central to this competition.

Many people know that the esports scene and the shooter itself as a whole, are not very popular in the CIS and Ukraine. Previously, this has negatively affected Rainbow Six Siege and you can clearly observe the subsidence of viewer interest during Team Empire matches. As of now, fans of the game hailing from outside the post-Soviet space show interest in the adventures of these guys, which is why we are seeing a positive result of the championship in Raleigh.

The peak viewers mark of Six Major Raleigh has increased from 257 thousand to 268 thousand, with the difference of 11 thousand viewers. In percentage terms, the result has reached an increase of only 4%.

If we compare the average broadcast viewers, the result seems to be much more significant. In numerical terms, the difference becomes equal to 22 thousand viewers. This is 27% more than on the streams of last year's Six Major Paris.

But there were also some unpleasant aspects to this season's statistics. It's about the German and French broadcasts, which showed only negative indicators – which has affected both the peak and average viewers.

It’s worth talking about the most popular teams of the competition. Last year those were G2 and Evil Geniuses. The “samurai” have participated in the most popular match of the event, and at the same time they hold the first spot in the ranking based on the average match viewers.

The “geniuses” also have the most popular match of the championship to boast of. However, EG's first spot was obtained by the total hours watched corresponding to its matches. Based on the average viewers, they've stopped one step short from the top, taking the 2nd spot.

But in 2019, even G2 was not very successful in staying in the top. Simply put, Team Empire got the gold at the American tournament based on all three indicators. Their European colleagues were notable only by their participation in the most popular match of the event.

In conclusion, we can safely say that the Rainbow Six Siege has entered a period of good fortune. Now the shooter is slowly but steadily moving towards his goal of becoming one of the most popular disciplines. The publisher of the game is doing its best to achieve this goal and so far it has succeeded.

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