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PlayStation 5 Show was crowned with a sensation

PlayStation 5 Show was crowned with a sensation

The presentations of new gaming consoles were always a big deal for the gaming community. With the recent announcement of PlayStation 5 it happened the same, and it caused a great furore. We want to tell you exactly what happened on The Future Of Gaming Show.

The showcase of the new Japanese console became one of the most popular streaming events. The peak of the viewers on the broadcast was phenomenal - 7.2M people on 4 different platforms and 4M viewers were watching the stream on average.

English-speaking viewers concluded the biggest part of the viewership statistics - 62% of overall Hours Watched number. The second biggest audience by statistics is composed of Spanish-speaking viewers followed by French-speaking spectators.

Official PlayStation page became the most popular among English and German channels. TheGrefg became the most viewed streamer among Spanish hosts and Julien Chièze was favored among French-speaking audience. Among Russian streamers Wylsacom and Jolygolf distinguished themselves. It’s interesting that all these pages are on YouTube, except TheGrefg, his broadcast was on Twitch. 

The official broadcast on YouTube collected the biggest amount of views, followed by Twitch. As for Mixer and Facebook, they were far behind from these two services.

We should note that this showcase allowed Twitch to update its own record. Now the biggest amount of simultaneous viewers equals 6M people. Previously, the record was 5M viewers and it was set in March 2020.

it’s rather difficult to compare this event with its competitors, but it's possible. Microsoft hasn’t made its own presentation yet and their next-gen console was announced at The Game Awards 2019. That’s why during the announcement of XBOX we received the info only about the console itself, while Sony told us about the games as well.

As a result, PlayStation victory was savage by all measures. However, we’ll draw the conclusion only after the MicrosoftXBOX-related event. Apparently, we’ll know the details of their new console and its games in August, and prior to this event the company will talk about its projects within Xbox Inside.

if you’ve missed the presentation, we’ve gathered all the major novelties in one place. For me, personally, the new Spider-Man is important the most. Now Miles Morales will be the main hero, the story of which got our attention after “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”. Square Enix will release the new game under the code name Project Athia and the developers promise that the plot will be amazing. Shinji Mikami, the creator of Resident Evil, showed his new project GhostWire: Tokyo. The trailer shows us the unusual and interesting setting in mystical Japan.

The remakes were also announced. The most interesting among them is an updated Demon's Souls. The eighth part of Resident Evil was also presented, so zombies will continue to scare the players. The final chord is the announcement of Horizon’s next part, with the setting in the USA.

You can watch all the trailers on the official PlayStation channel. More detailed information about other events can be found in our blog or you can contact us via [email protected].

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