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The most popular streamers of February

The most popular streamers of February

The second month of the year wasn't boring at all, having provided the fans with new and interesting events. The streamers got their hands on the new game that has literally shaken the platform. Meanwhile, the players were able to enjoy the new titles such as Metro or Apex Legends. The influx of February news has helped some to rise to the top, and today we will find out their names.

Firstly we should talk about the platform in general. Out of its top five streamers, two faces are new, namely gAuLeS and DrDisRespect. More surprising are the reasons that allowed both of these "newcomers" to reach their current positions.

Alexandre “gAuLeS” Borba has received large influx of viewers thanks to his personal IEM Katowice Major broadcasts in Portuguese. He has commented the matches of Brazilian cyberathletes, peaking at the figure of 95 thousand viewers. This serves as another proof of the solid bond between the Brazilian community and Brazilian cyberathletes, with the former being always ready to support the latter.

At the same time, Guy “DrDisRespect” Beahm was successful in riding the Apex Legends hype wave. Being famous for his skills in the shooter games, he could not ignore the popularity of the new FPS. The tournaments for this game (some held by the streamer alone, and some with support of Twitch) were of great assistance to him.

Looking above this spot we can note on the drop in Turner "Tfue" Tenney's positions. Over the past month he has dropped by two positions, giving the leading spot to Shroud – but also failing to reach the second spot, now taken by Ninja. The popularity of Tenny's streams was negatively affected due to the sudden appearance of Apex Legends, with many Fortnite viewers having switched their attention from the Epic Games' battle royale to the new shooter from Respawn.

It was for this very reason that the first two spots went to Mike Grzesiek and Tyler Blevins, respectively. Both Mike and Tyler were able to get phenomenal amounts of viewers due to participating in Twitch Rivals. The shooter's overall popularity was what allowed Grzesiek to reach the very top of the ranking, obtaining the title of the most popular streamer of February.

One striking fact would be that the total channel viewtime of the Cloud9's former player has nearly reached that of the IEM Katowice Major official stream results. Shroud single-handedly managed to reach the figures of the World Cup broadcast, missing the "miracle mark" by less than a million hours of viewtime.

Inspecting the Russian-speaking part of the platform has led us to an unusual observation: the Russian viewers were not really affected by the hype over the new battle royale. However, the popularity of Valve's MOBA streamers was comparatively boosted through the overall popularity of the new Dota Auto Chess mod.

Each of the top 3 most popular streamers seems to specialize in Dota 2. The top spot goes to the personal channel of Ilya "ALOHADANCE" Korobkin. Following him are Stray228 and ybicanoooobov. Out of these three, only the latter's spot has remained unchanged, being located in the middle of the list.

The fourth spot was obtained by SilverName, who has dedicated a large amount of time to broadcasting Apex Legends and HearthStone. His achievement serves as another proof that the Russian-speaking community tends to love the time-proven games it already knows, instead of immediately accepting the Western trends.

Closing the top 5 is Vladimir Bratishkin and his channel bratishkinoff. Just like ybicanoooobov, he has managed to keep his spot from January. This was achieved through the loyalty of his audience, which keeps devoting large amounts of time to his broadcasts.

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