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The most popular streamers of March

The most popular streamers of March

In March, the situation on Twitch became extremely interesting. On the one hand, there was the competition between two League of Legends streamers for a bet of 10 thousand dollars, and on the other, there was the GTA V's breakthrough into the platform's top (thanks to being boosted by the Role Play mode). We have made a summary of the month and are ready to tell who has managed to enter the top 5 streamers list of the first month of spring.

First of all, we will tell you about the English-language channels. The top spot of the ranking was taken by summit1g, not in the least because of the aforementioned RP mod. The viewers have spent 11 million viewhours total on his broadcasts. To compare, the official Overwatch League stream has managed to collect a similar amount of views in March. This is not the first “game revitalization” from summit1g, who has achieved a similar feat with the Sea of Thieves in the past – literally giving the game a second wind, which was even admitted by the developers themselves.

Following the 1G was Tfue. This user is already widely known for his Fortnite broadcasts and the ever-persevering loyalty to the game. His channel still occupies the leading position in the section of Epic Games' battle royale. In the past, there was a slight drop in the channel's popularity due to Apex Legends' appearance, but today we can see that it has nearly reached the top of the list once again.

The “bronze” spot went to loltyler1, who was engaged in League of Legends broadcasting all month long. This marks the first appearance of Tyler's personal page in our list, a feat that became possible largely due to his bet with Yassuo – with the winner receiving 10 thousand dollars and the viewers being provided with one month worth of time for following all things related. Needless to say, both streamers did their best and generated a ton of interesting content.

The fourth spot was taken by Ninja, who went one ranking spot down in March. The past month saw him being engaged exclusively in broadcasting Apex Legends and Fortnite. The rest of the games have mostly escaped the attention of Blevins. But even this much has allowed him to remain in the top 5 most popular streamers.

Completing the top 5 is Sodapoppin. Just like summit1g, he devoted most of his time to the RP mode of GTA V. The particularly interesting role-playing approach of this streamer has allowed him to break into the top 5, and that's while he haven't been spending all that much time in the Role Play mode. Another thing to note would be the modified schedule – it allowed Soda to stream during the Europe-compatible hours, which definitely had a positive impact on his results.

And now it's time to tell about the Russian-language channels. Stray228 became the most popular Russian streamer of March, and this marks him staying in top 5 for the third month in a row, being ranked second and fourth during the previous months. It looks like his time to bask in the spotlight has finally come. Just like in February, Stray has mostly concentrated on the Dota 2 broadcasting.

The second spot in the Russian-language part of Twitch goes to ybicanoooobov. This is yet another streamer that devotes most of his time to Valve's strategy. Whereas he lacked the strength to reach the first spot, he could potentially do so in April – considering the huge popularity of such content in the respective region.

The middle spot of this list is taken by SilverName. Vladislav is still loyal to HearthStone, but does not deny himself the pleasure of other kinds of entertainment. Nowadays he remains the most popular streamer of this card game, but only reaches the third spot in the overall standings.

Following him are the two newcomers of March: GN and Cake. The channel of the former has gained such a popularity due to the huge public interest in Dota Auto Chess. Additionally, the excellent performance of this player in tournaments and ranked matches provides yet another reason to spend some extra time watching his broadcasts.

Completing the list is the most “variable” user out of five. Over the past month, Cake was finally able to gather a decent audience. This allowed his channel to enter our version of top 5, but will he be able to maintain this position in April? It is very unlikely, since he will not be able to stream for a while due to the Dread's “StreamHata”.

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