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TI9: All-Star match statistics

TI9: All-Star match statistics

We continue the series of news dedicated to the main event of this year in Dota 2. Today we will talk about a very important part of The International – All-Star Match.

In case you didn't know, a very interesting event is being held starting from the 2012 tournament. There, the most stellar players to participate in the competition face each other in an interesting format. It seems to us that the most unusual format out of these was a 10-10 match within The International 2016. Participating that time were not only pro players, but also the ordinary viewers.

But what about the statistics of these matches? We've compared their results in terms of peak broadcast viewers. After all, such options as the average viewers and hours watched have less impact. In case of a short timespan, the average viewers figure does not differ much from the peak viewers one, and hours watched is a figure that's extremely dependent on the game's duration.

Overall, this year's championship can boast the largest total sum of viewers. The peak viewers mark of its all-star match was equal to 764 thousand people. For comparison, last year this figure has reached only 385 thousand viewers.

It is also important that in 2017 this event reached its peak performance, and in 2018 it already suffered a small decrease: a loss of 29 thousand viewers. However, this year’s season corrected this problem by large. Compared to the year before last, the difference is almost 350 thousand.

An explanation for this would be: at The International 2017, the viewers got a whole grand show in addition to the star players. In 2018, the organizers could not surpass themselves, and therefore they've simply repeated their venture once again, paying the price with the viewer interest.

As for the current The International, it has finally set things right and brought something new to the format. Most importantly, the list of participants was made up of the best players in the group stage. The ranking was created based on the fantasy points that anyone can track through the game client. The All Random Death Match mode became the bonus addition. All of this helped this year's World Championship to surpass its predecessors.

We will continue to follow The International 2019 and talk about its results. If you do not want to miss our new articles, be sure to subscribe to the official Esports Charts social media pages: Facebook, VK or Twitter. Do not forget about our Discord server as well.

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