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TI9: The most popular teams

TI9: The most popular teams

The main tournament of the year of all Dota 2 fans – The International – has come to an end. This means that the time has come to make the summary of its results. First, we decided to talk about the five most popular teams of the championship.

Perhaps it’s worth starting with the data regarding the hours watched. Of course, these depend on the number of matches of each participant. But at the same time, these statistics reflect perfectly the general interest the audience has displayed towards the teams of The International 2019.

The players from Team Liquid are at the top of this ranking. On their path through the tournament, they collected a total of 26 million hours. As such, Liquid are holding 30% of the tournament's total number of hours watched.

Next to them is the second finalist of International – OG. Two-time world champions have managed to collect 19 million hours at this year's championship. This equals to the 21% of the tournament's total results – and once again proves that the tournament's strongest five-man team does not always have the title of the most popular, even despite all its unusualness.

The bronze spot, which was obtained along with a result of 15 million hours, was taken by PSG.LGD. The Chinese five-man team holds 17% of the tournament's total results. In general, the ranking's top 3 almost repeats the championship's top 3. This further confirms the statement that every extra match can greatly affect the location of teams in the top.

Completing our list are Team Secret and Evil Geniuses. Puppey's subordinates were able to collect 14 million hours, which is equal to 16.9% of the total result. At the same time, the “evil geniuses” performance at The International 2019 amounted to 11 million hours watched. For the “blue”, the contribution to the results amounted to 13%.

If we compare the teams in terms of the average match viewers, the positions of some participants will change.

The top of the list is still occupied by Team Liquid. The matches of the team were followed on average by 528 thousand people. The respective figure of the winners of this year's championship is much lower. OG's battles usually gathered around 421 thousand viewers.

As for the third spot in this top goes to players from Team Secret. Their matches were followed by an average of 368 thousand people. PSG.LGD, the holders of bronze by the average viewers are now located at the fourth spot of the ranking. Its matches were watched by 348 thousand people.

Completing the top is EG with its 327 thousand viewers. Despite having not the most outstanding result there is, Evil Geniuses managed to occupy the fifth spot of two tops at once.

As a result of the comparison, we can safely call Team Liquid the most popular team of The International 2019. This team has the most hours watched, the most viewers gathered at its matches and it is a member of the “peak” match as well.

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