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Twitch Analysis for February

Twitch Analysis for February

The February has shown the world a number of interesting events, starting from the presentation of a new battle royale from the creators of Titanfall. Following it was the main CS:GO tournament of the year, with the important leagues for LoL and Overwatch being held during the same timeframe as well. Now we bring you the analysis of for the second month of the year.

It is only proper to start the article from the new, yet already highly popular shooter from Respawn called Apex Legends. The team has shown the world their own vision of the battle royale genre. Thanks to the sheer amount of their experience in making FPS projects, Respawn's creation was received by gamers with nearly universal acclaim.

We should also credit the game's publisher for the decision to avoid the costly advertisement campaigns and million dollar tournaments in favor of simply releasing the game after making a small presentation on Twitch. Who knows, maybe this marketing approach will start a new trend for the AAA game publishers.

PR may also have a negative side, and this one could well affect the success of the new Metro. Recently 4A Games have found themselves in a middle of small online scandal because of the statements of one of the developers, causing many fans to boycott the project altogether. As a result, we can witness the game's drop to the 19th spot in the February ranking.

Only the MOBA from Riot Games has managed to keep its spot. A huge number of esports matches across the world have ensured that the League of Legends is capable of standing its ground, continuing to occupy the second position of the ranking. We should also mention a change that has affected this competitive discipline, with Europe and North America no longer sharing the same championship. In the new season, the organizers provided these two regions with their own franchise leagues: LEC for EU and LCS for NA.

Fortnite is facing tough times, its popularity taking a blow after many popular streamers having have switched to Apex. After holding the "Victory Royale" for almost a year, the last February saw Epic Games arrive at the end of their luck. The situation at hand has not only pushed the shooter from its first position, but also allowed LoL to finally exceed this game in popularity.

To no surprise, the “Just Chatting” section has more or less kept its positions, only being shifted by a single spot due to the arrival of Apex Legends. As we have repeatedly stated before, such stability is achieved through the innate popularity of live communication between the streamer and the chat members (which happens the breaks between matches), as well as through the broadcasts of real-life footage.

There is another MOBA worth mentioning – this time the one created by Valve. We are speaking about Dota 2, a recent mod of which has caused a sharp increase of online presence for the game. Dota Auto Chess has also attracted the new streamers from other categories. For all this interest displayed by the players, it seems that the corresponding Twitch position wasn't really impacted yet – although this may change after holding at least one Major for the game.

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