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June Twitch analysis

June Twitch analysis

Very important occasion happened recently in the streaming market. The “Magnificent Trio” — Fortnite, League of Legends and PUBG collapsed. The Bluehole’s Battle Royale fell into a deep hole, even Dota 2 appeared to be more popular than PUBG. Qualifications for The International 2018 helped a lot to make this happen. Even IRL section was also more popular than PUBG.

Dota 2 took the third place. It is a good achievement for Valve, nevertheless, we expect fewer viewers in July and massive revitalization in August with the start of The International 2018.

Realm Royale is a new Battle Royale from the developers of Smite and Paladins. The game growth and gains more audience rapidly, but it is too early to speak about real competition with the kings of the genre. World of Warcraft lost its audience due to strong competition, but the release of the new add-on in August will fix the situation.

Path of Exile gained a lot of viewers due to the release of the new expansion. Heroes of the Storm had a huge tournament HGC 2018 Mid Season Brawl. Starcraft II pleased fans with a huge amount of championships, including quite popular HomeStory Cup XVII. Dead by Daylight gathered more spectators as there was a delicious discount on Steam during the Summer Sale (-75%) and new in-game content.

E3 is the largest gaming exhibition of the year. Millions of gamers from the whole world watch it actively. It took several days to pass but it was enough to gather quite impressive statistics. Jurassic World is the new economic strategy which entertains users with an interesting setting and opportunities. Nevertheless, the game will disappear from the top next month.

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