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Twitch Analysis for November

Twitch Analysis for November

Many interesting events have happened in November. Among them are the final stage of LoL Worlds, the release of a couple of major games like Death Stranding and much more. We’ll show you how this has changed the position of the most popular categories on Twitch.

In November, just like a month earlier, the top popularity spot went to League of Legends. The game has received a significant share of views thanks to the competitive content – which includes both the Worlds and the Twitch Rivals show event.

On the other hand, Fortnite's position is on the decrease. In the last few months, the battle royale exhibits some signs of problems given that it still fails to return to the top of the ranking. It should be added that the departure of Ninja has also robbed the shooter of a certain share of hours watched. But it may well be that the preseason at LoL will help it to regain its former greatness.

Speaking of greatness, the new game from renowned game designer Hideo Kojima was quite successful. The release of the game has immediately brought it to the 12th spot of the popularity ranking's top. However, this may be the point at which its story ends, and maybe in December it will disappear from the top 20 already.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was yet another story-focused game. EA’s new Star Wars universe project was a big success, as many critics have praised Cal’s adventure. The interest of the audience has allowed it to reach 18th spot.

November has featured other kinds of important game projects as well. In the middle of the month, a new installment of the Pokémon series was released. In almost two weeks since the release, it managed to reach the 7th spot at once. Western streamers have helped to make this happen, whereas the Russian-language part of the platform has pretty much missed the release.

The autobattlers genre has also brought some interesting news. The release of this mode in the Blizzard card game has improved its result by 4 spots. At the same time, TeamFight Tactics has dropped to the 20th spot. Even the new content and the second ranked season did not help the game. It may well be that in December, the Riot Games mode will leave the top 20.

Respawn's battle royale was marked by an even greater drop than that of TFT. In November, Apex Legends has lost seven ranking spots at once. It seems that the game doesn't quite manage to return to its former popularity.

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