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The most popular streamers of December on Twitch

The most popular streamers of December on Twitch

In the last month of 2019, xQc again became the most popular streamer – while the rest of the ranking shows lots of changes, with some new faces appearing. We will tell about this in more detail in our December 2019 report.

Despite being a newcomer, the Yogcast channel has made it to the second spot. This channel is managed by the guys from the entertainment company of the same name – which is why it features whopping 717 hours of airtime. Compare this to the 317 hours of xQc and you'll see that the second spot's airtime is almost twice as large as that of the first spot.

By the way, Felix shows some excellent results. After all, staying at the top of the ranking for two months in a row is a rare, hard-to-achieve feat. The last streamer to achieve this was Asmongold, who capitalized on the hype that surrounded the classic version of World of Warcraft.

TimTheTatman is yet another newcomer in the top 6. Despite being a fairly old streamer, his popularity seems to be on the rise, at least in December.

There was some positive progress on the part of TFue, who has managed to return to the top 3 by the end of the year. Meanwhile, the fate of loltyler1 is not as good – despite all the Tyler1 Championship Series broadcasts he was left behind and barely hangs in the very last spot of top 5 most popular streamers.

When it comes to the Russian-speaking streamers, the owner of the first spot in the popularity ranking has changed. In December, the top spot went to DreadzTV, which is largely due to the "Stream Hata" event of the channel’s owner, Andrei “Dread” Golubev. It was this event that brought most of the hours watched collected by this channel in December.

The changes do not end here, as the second spot went to SilverName. This was because of Hearthstone (the main game covered by this streamer) receiving a December update. This caused an influx of old-time viewers which crowded a variety of broadcasts, SilverName's included.

The next two spots went to the Dota 2 channels: Stray228 followed by ybicanoooobov. This means that both streamers have each dropped by two ranking spots as well. Perhaps their content was too predictable – as opposed to the unique and unusual content of their main rivals.

Closing the Russian-language top is C_A_K_E, who has happened to be one of the participants of the aforementioned "Stream Hata". This has essentially prevented him from recording his personal broadcasts, hampering his December performance as a whole and denying him the higher spots.

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