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The most popular Twitch streamers of October

The most popular Twitch streamers of October

In October, another high-profile departure has occurred on Twitch. The platform was abandoned by Shroud, who at the end of the month decided to switch to Mixer. This has opened new opportunities for many of his rivals. In this article, we will tell you how this has influenced the popularity of some of the streamers.

The decline in interest in World of Warcraft did not affect the position of Asmongold. Compared to September, he has retained his first spot across the platform. However, this time his advantage over his closest rival is not that big, which means that in November he will drop to a lower spot.

TFue's channel has returned to the top. The second month of autumn looks like a beginning of his winning strike, which has led to him achieving of a silver rank. The new Fortnite content gave the game its second breath. As a result of this, its streamers received additional interest from the audience as well.

The middle spot went to streams of Gaules. This streamer is engaged in esports broadcasts on CS:GO. Given that October featured several major competitions in this discipline, he has received the lion's share of views – which is what allowed him to reach third spot.

The fourth in the ranking was once again xQc. He, like Asmongold, retained his spot compared to September. In the second month of autumn, he didn't manage to rise higher, but didn't fall to a lower spot in the overall ranking either.

Summit1G closes the top 5 popular streamers. He managed to get to the fifth spot thanks to the departure of Shroud. Given that it effectively made one spot vacant (along with the respective part of viewers), this allowed Summit to finally able to return to the top. The last month he got to spend among “the most popular” was April.

When it comes to the Russian-speaking audience, the position of streamers has not changed much either.

The first spot in the ranking again went to DreadzTV. Broadcasts by Andrei Golubev continue to collect an excellent portion of viewers. This is especially true when compared to esports stagnation seen in Dota 2.

Stray228 and ybicanoooobov have swapped spots. Now Stray is in the second spot of the ranking, while ybicanoooobov occupies the middle spot. For the latter this is far from being a huge defeat, given that he managed to climb 3 spots at once in September.

SilverName became the fifth most popular streamer. However, this situation has a slight problem to it. At the end of the month, this streamer went on a vacation. As a result of the interruption in broadcasts, he was unable to gain all his hours watched. This means that he had every chance of reaching an even higher spot.

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