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Tyler1 Championship Series: Did the show succeed?

Tyler1 Championship Series: Did the show succeed?

Many streamers are involved in the esports to some extent. However, standing out is one of the most popular League of Legends, Tyler1. We will tell you about the performance of the third tournament of his series.

The past Tyler1 Championship Series was a perfect interlude to fill the seasonal break time in the Riot Games' esports festival. An unusual format, the so-called “one-man show” was greatly appreciated by the game's fans and received good indicators.

This year, the championship has repeated the unusual format. However, this time the event has hosted an incredible number of different streamers. Among them, one could find the individuals from the discipline (such as Voyboy) as well as those unfamiliar with the game (such as Trainwrecks). There was a place even for the legendary basketball player and esports fan Rick Fox.

However, it can be seen that these factors have affected the tournament in a detrimental way. The championship results were worse than those of the last year's event. At the Tyler1 Championship Series 2019, the peak viewers mark fell to 90 thousand people, which makes for a 26% negative difference with 2018.

What's more interesting, the broadcast's peak result was obtained not at the final match – instead, most viewers have gathered at the battle between Fragas's Baby Yodas and Washed Up & Random.

The average viewers of the championship have amounted to 53 thousand. According to this indicator, the competition has already lost a larger number of viewers – as much as 36%. It is worth noting that with an airtime difference of 61%, the difference in hours watched is only 1.8% in favor of 2019.

It is worth noting that for some people Tyler1 Championship Series 2019 was not just a show, but an opportunity to show themselves. Young talent Kostyantyn “PCL” Dudarchuk shared his thoughts on the tournament. He was a stand-in for Maryville University at TCS.

"Tyler1 Championship Series 2019 provided publicity with all of the content creators casting the games as well as a lot of viewership. Minimum requirement to get into the tournament was 700 lp Challenger or around top 125 on the ladder. The prize pool also incentives-es players and increases the level of competition and requirement to participate, which helps to develop and showcase talent." 

It should be mentioned that such figures do not specifically mean the format has turned out to be worse than before. In this case, the decrease could be actually caused by a number of different negative factors – such as the time zone (the tournament was held in North America) and the personal attitude of the audience towards the casters of the event.

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