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Worlds 2018 already beat world record of online viewers

Worlds 2018 already beat world record of online viewers

Many people thought that League of Legends reached its limit after Fortnite became #1 game in the world. That is why we expected a significant drop in the number of Worlds 2018 viewers. Gentlemen, we were all wrong.

Worlds 2018 has already set a new record of the maximum amount of viewers in the history of esports — 129.565.533 people at the peak шт the match between the Chinese team Royal Never Give Up and the Koreans from Gen.G. Most of the viewers watched the tournament using the Chinese streaming service PandaTV — 78.481.818 people at the peak, then — Huya with 36.897.565 viewers. Important fact: PandaTV and Huya show the exact amount of viewers, not some rating or anything like that like other services.

The same match became the most popular amount non-Chinese audience — 952.330 at the peak. And it is just the second day of the Group Stage! The biggest amount of viewers and big growth is observed only at matches of the Chinese teams, so it is very important that teams from the Middle Kingdom continue to play well enough to join the next stages. The best what they can do for the whole esports is to reach the Grand Final.

The Taiwanese broadcast is also growing. It is curious that despite the fact that the Taiwanese broadcasts also goes in the Chinese language, the real boom occurs only during matches with teams from the LMS region — Flash Wolves, G-Rex and MAD Team. The match between G-Rex vs. IG was watched by more viewers than the RNG vs Gen.G.

South Korea also demonstrates significant growth. The match between RNG and Gen.G was watched by 220.076 people at the peak, last year the maximum number of Korean viewers at the peak was 131.464 during the group stage and during the grand final - 231.916. Probably, the Koreans began massively to watch the tournament on the Internet, avoiding television.

Vietnam is also becoming one of the major esports regions due to significant growth for the past several years. Of course, the peak amount of viewers was at the match with the Vietnamese team — Phong Vũ Buffalo versus Flash Wolves was watched by 300.257 at the peak.

Worlds 2018 proved that League of Legends didn’t reach its peak yet. Discipline continues to evolve and draw more and more attention with each year. We are waiting for new records!

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