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We offer business intelligence that allows for better decision-making, measurement and forecasting. Esports Charts has been the driving force behind making esports data more accessible and transparent – and we extend the same mission to our custom solutions.

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Questions we can help answer:

Analyze granular viewership numbers across all games and benchmark performance against other teams, events or communities.

Our intelligent prognostic reports can help steer your business towards success and predict media value to persuade partners.

Get a full breakdown of audience-related trends and developments: Reliable data that helps you plan ahead and be proactive.

As an established third-party resource, we provide key metrics that add a new perspective and facilitate the client’s validation process.

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Numbers you can count on

Viewership statistics in esports have always been a topic for heated debate. We recognize our responsibility and strive to unite all participants to standardize metrics across the industry. Therefore, we hold our data to the highest standards and provide full transparency in regards to our methodology.

Useful metrics for most scenarios.

Average Viewers (AMA or ACCV)

Average number of viewers at the same time over the entire duration of the broadcast

This provides a strong indication of a broadcast’s popularity as it takes into account both how many people clicked on the stream and how long they kept watching it. Oftentimes, this number provides better insight than the number of views.

Peak Viewers (PCV)

The highest value of viewers watching a broadcast at a specific moment in time

The viewer peak helps you understand how much attention the biggest moments generated. High numbers compared to the average indicate that the broadcast was successful at drawing the community in when things got exciting.

Hours Watched (HW)

The sum of all broadcast hours consumed by everybody who tuned in

This is a great metric to gauge a broadcast’s quality, as in how long it kept its viewers engaged. If the ratio between average viewers and hours watched is skewed towards the latter, it indicates that people kept watching for a long time.

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Dashboard - beyond the report

A comprehensive esports data solution for dynamic analysis and decision-making. The Esports Charts Analytical Dashboard provides global esports statistics down to the last detail.

Start your journey by identifying the relevant esports entity with a set of granular filters. Dynamically sorting statistics by platform, language, region, and more is possible with our analytical dashboard.


Our detailed reports can provide valuable insights on the impact of online and offline events, teams, streamers and communities. Individually tailored to your needs and allowing for easy ranking and filtering, you can improve your efforts in regards to marketing, investments, sales and business intelligence.

Reports can also extend to comparative and consolidated analytics, geographical breakdowns, as well as key statistics about trends in different regions – anything that helps you answer the question that is on your mind.

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A data-based glimpse into the future: Thanks to our large historical data set, we are able to predict the viewership performance of tournaments based on a large variety of parameters such as game, region and timing. This allows you to evaluate different strategic approaches and gauge attractivity for potential partners – even ahead of the official announcement.

We also provide prognostic reports on a macro level, helping you stay on top of market shifts and proactively respond to new developments.

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Our service allows you to track and measure the performance of your partnerships through an independent third party. In addition to general viewership metrics, there is one crucial topic: logo recognition. We can analyze the visibility of any brand in a highly granular manner, taking into account how many people were watching the stream when a logo was visible as well as its placement and size – with over 20 metrics, including media value.

This enables you to approach esports sponsorships with the same analytical mindset that you apply to your other marketing channels.

Essential metrics for logo recognition include:

Logo Air Time

The total amount of time the logo has been visible during the broadcast

When compared to a broadcast’s entire air time, this metric helps you understand how visible your logo placements have been. It is unrelated to the number of viewers, focusing on the quality of the integration instead.

Logo Average Unique Viewers

The average number of viewers whenever the logo was visible

This number indicates how many people were watching whenever your logo was visible and allows you to measure the reach of your logo placements. This is an essential metric for performance evaluation and benchmarking.

Media Value

Estimated monetary value of the brand exposure when compared to traditional advertising

We can calculate the hours watched specifically for the time when your logo was visible in the broadcast. Taking into account the size and position of the logo, we can then estimate the monetary value of the logo integration.

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Live Data Access

What is the key to attracting new viewers?

  • Reach your goal and award your prizes.
  • Determine your viewership goal.
  • Display your live viewership.
  • Promote your broadcast.
  • Choose your prizes.
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That's not all there is to it.

Comprehensive statistics for the live-streaming market – on streamscharts.com
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Player Popularity

Are you looking to properly understand a player’s impact – not only on the server but also in the eyes of the audience?

We can provide detailed insights all the way up to how many hours any individual player has been watched. This service uses the same advanced technology that we apply to logo recognition.

As of now, this special feature is up and running for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but we can implement it for any discipline of your liking.

Engagement Insights

Our analytics extend to Twitch’s chat activity. How engaged was the audience at different points of the broadcast, and what was the content of their messages?

We can provide information about the sentiment as well as keywords directly tied to your brand, or even the most popular emotes.

This helps you to look beyond just the numbers and truly understand the marketing impact of your spending.

Private API

You want to directly tap into our database? Thanks to our highly customizable Private API, you gain access to viewership data in real-time.

The API will be set up to cater to your individual needs – resulting in nearly endless possibilities for you to benefit from our technology, be it for business intelligence or to build your own services.

Get direct access to the most reliable data in the industry, with a quick setup and dedicated support staff.

What to expect from working with us

Get in touch and explain what kind of information you are looking for – we are happy to accomodate a large variety of individual requests. Our team will openly explain to you what is feasible and what isn't, guiding you towards the offering that is best tailored to your needs.
Our pricing is individually based on the nature of the request, the required resources in mind. We feel comfortable with small inquiries for specific data as much as with diving deep into the entire esports ecosystem.
Most reports can be delivered within just a few work-days; more elaborate requests may take longer to complete. If in doubt, just communicate your timeline to us and we'll let you know if we can accommodate it!
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Any questions? Please reach out! Whether you're a global player or a start-up, rest assured that we will do everything in our power to deliver strong value without breaking the bank.

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Why our clients choose Esports Charts?

quote Viewership is fundamental in understanding esports, and Esports Charts enables Team Liquid to analyze its audience with greater degree of depth and flexibility. It's a website we visit every single day.”
M Ang
Head of Business Intelligence, Team Liquid
quote We like using escharts.com a lot on a regular basis to get a proper picture of esports analytics. Operating with reliable and actual numbers is always important.”
Aleksey “xaoc” Kucherov
quote We partnered with Esports Charts to be able to tap into their reliable, comprehensive, and accurate stream viewership data to pinpoint where G2 Esports can make the most impact on the industry.”
Lukasz Zolynia
Partnerships Manager, G2 Esports
quote The detailed statistics by Esports Charts helps us to understand the gamer preferences and trends. This data is an integral part of the tournaments organization and it boosts our growth and development on the broadcast market.”
Viacheslav Shcherbakov
Head of Sales, StarLadder
quote We use data from Esports Charts on a regular basis to prepare proposals to our customers. Based on the information, we forecast tournament attendance and media coverage our sponsor can expect to receive having joined our league. Also, data from Esports Charts is used to produce extended reports for our customers.”
Valentyn Shevchenko
Head of Business Development, WePlay Esports
Team LiquidTeam Liquid
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