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The most popular tournaments of April

The most popular tournaments of April

The esports industry continues being influenced by the coronavirus pandemic. Many organizers have announced their new competitions, providing the audience with a large amount of interesting content. In today's report, we will tell you about the most popular tournaments of April 2020.

MPL ID Season 5 became the most popular event of April, boasting a figure of 1 million 163 thousand peak viewers. Despite being the sole representative of mobile esports to enter top 5, it has managed to occupy the first spot. As for the impressive peak viewers indicator itself, it was obtained thanks to the Indonesian viewers (given that the event was their country's regional championship). Meanwhile, many international tournaments may only dream of such results.

The middle of our list is still occupied by Riot Games: the second and third spots are taken by the Korean and European regional League of Legends championships. At first, it was the LEC that has almost updated its maximum indicators from this summer. Then, we saw the Korean LCK updating the record of the discipline itself (becoming the most popular split in the game's history). The owner of the fourth spot is a show tournament for the studio's new title: Valorant. Twitch Rivals has gathered nearly 700 thousand peak viewers during the American division matches.

Closing the top was the ESL One Los Angeles online tournament (or rather, a division) for the participants from Europe and the CIS. It has reached the fifth spot thanks to the Russian-speaking audience. The VP versus OG match has gathered more than 500 thousand viewers, becoming the most popular one for the whole league.

During April, the English-speaking viewers have shown a great deal of interest in Valorant, with Twitch Rivals (an event dedicated to this game) becoming the most popular event for this audience. Moreso, the fourth spot in the top also went to the new discipline – with the 100 Thieves tournament as the corresponding event. Both tournaments have managed to reach such high positions thanks to the personal broadcasts of the participants – most of which being the popular streamers.

LEC Finals was the second most popular event of the month for the English-speaking fans. It was peculiar that the event had a lot more viewers than its "New World" counterpart and direct rival – LCS. We have already discussed the battle between the Europe and North America in more detail in our blog.

One of the Formula 1 Virtual Grand Prix events has attracted much interest – being watched by a total of 459 thousand peak viewers. This figure is much bigger than the one achieved during the similar event in March. At that time, there was a figure of 395 thousand peak viewers, which is 13% more than in the April.

Such an achievement can be attributed by the constant participation of famous personalities – including both the famous F1 racers (who have dedicated their efforts to their YouTube/Twitch channels because of the quarantine) and the popular streamers (such as Gaules).

Looking at the Russian-speaking viewers, there were some pleasant surprises. ESL One Los Angeles Europe & CIS became the most popular tournament. As we have already mentioned, the community has shown a big deal of interest to the match between the two-time world champions OG and the region's main team, VP.

Another match of the "bears" has gathered 104 thousand viewers – which is the third best result of the region in April. It was obtained at the team's match versus NAVI at the WePlay! Pushka League. The organization got the "hat-trick" thanks to the battle between the first and the second roster at the Epic Prime League Season 1.

In turn, Natus Vincere have scored a double (with the match belonging to a different discipline). ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe saw the team reach a figure of 165 thousand peak viewers – although this wasn't enough for the match to become the most popular one for the tournament. We have described the 11th season of the European League in more detail in this news.

The fact that the fourth spot in the top went to the League of Legends is quite interesting. Namely, it was occupied by the finals of the Continental League's spring split. The final match of LCL Spring 2020 has gathered nearly 80 thousand peak viewers. This is the league's best result to date (although it exceeds the previous best result of the event by only 6%).

The top of esports channels did not repeat the overall top of the industry. In this case the official LoL European Championship channel has attracted the most viewers. It was followed by the Russian-language broadcast of ESL One Los Angeles from Maincast. The middle spot in the top went to the English-language broadcast of the ESL Pro League, while closing the top were the official LCS and LCK channels.

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