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Esports Charts is a unique analytical service that provides comprehensive metrics for esports broadcasts and live streams.

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Increasing transparency and trust towards esports viewership data – enabling sponsors, organizers and viewers to better understand the popularity of any esports event through a trusted third party.
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Ivan Danishevskyi
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Artyom Odintsov
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Ihor Kryvych
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Rodion Yevsiukov
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Sergii Rudenko
Head of Sales & Partnership
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Ivan Oleksii
Sales Manager
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Vladyslav Solovei
Sales Manager
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Yehor Kaliuzhnyi
Full-Stack Developer
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Oleh Kovalov
UI/UX Designer
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Alexey Gavrylov
HR Manager
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Oleksandr Korotkov
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Why our clients choose Esports Charts?

quote Viewership is fundamental in understanding esports, and Esports Charts enables Team Liquid to analyze its audience with greater degree of depth and flexibility. It's a website we visit every single day.”
M Ang
Head of Business Intelligence, Team Liquid
quote We like using a lot on a regular basis to get a proper picture of esports analytics. Operating with reliable and actual numbers is always important.”
Aleksey “xaoc” Kucherov
quote We partnered with Esports Charts to be able to tap into their reliable, comprehensive, and accurate stream viewership data to pinpoint where G2 Esports can make the most impact on the industry.”
Lukasz Zolynia
Partnerships Manager, G2 Esports
quote The detailed statistics by Esports Charts helps us to understand the gamer preferences and trends. This data is an integral part of the tournaments organization and it boosts our growth and development on the broadcast market.”
Viacheslav Shcherbakov
Head of Sales, StarLadder
quote We use data from Esports Charts on a regular basis to prepare proposals to our customers. Based on the information, we forecast tournament attendance and media coverage our sponsor can expect to receive having joined our league. Also, data from Esports Charts is used to produce extended reports for our customers.”
Valentyn Shevchenko
Head of Business Development, WePlay Esports
Team LiquidTeam Liquid
G2 EsportsG2 Esports
WePlay! EsportsWePlay! Esports

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