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Beneficial partnership

We are open to partnership cooperation. Several prestigious universities have already started conducting full-fledged research with our data. We provide timely and detailed statistics about all esports activities for esports organizations, tournament organizers, and brands.


Detailed analysis of your performances

We are helping esports teams to monetize better by providing them with unique and good-looking reports on a monthly basis, something you will be proud to share! We can show your achievements, progression, and growth based on analysis depth. And even compare it to your competitors!


On-demand tournament reports

The overall picture of the tournament you just held, including deeper analysis and various breakdowns (by stages, matches, languages, etc). Something that will definitely help you to get new investors or report to existing ones!


Explore the market with our help

As you already know, esports market is growing exponentially and we are actively trying to make it even bigger! With that purpose, we are providing companies with deep and detailed market research, helping them to spend their marketing budgets more efficiently.

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