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The most popular streamers of May on Twitch

The most popular streamers of May on Twitch

The Brazilian user gAuLes became the most popular streamer of Twitch in May. This has coincided with the decrease of Valorant-related hype as well as the occurrence of a number of charitable events and activities – with some of them even becoming record-breaking.

As we've already mentioned, the Brazilian player, gAuLes, has climbed to the very top. The former cyberathlete has conducted a large number of various broadcasts – including both the professional matches and the show activities (such as the virtual Formula 1 races or participation in the Valorant tournament). Aside of this, his May triumph was boosted by the airtime of 740 hours – exceeding that of the nearest rival by more than five times.

Youtuber known as TheGrefg became the second most popular streamer of May, with a mere 139 hours of broadcasting yearning him the second spot. He also holds the achievement of gathering more than half a million peak viewers – which has made his channel one of the most popular (peak viewers-wise) among all the personal pages of this kind. This happened as a result of the Calvogames charity marathon, which has featured not only this blogger but also his friends and colleagues.

Closing the top 3 was Anomaly, who has lost his lead in the ranking with the changes in Twitch rules and the decline of Valorant. It should be reminded that in April, the Sweden streamer has managed to become the most popular one across the entire platform. This was caused by the arrival of the new creation of Riot Games and the status of the round-the-clock broadcasts at the time. In May, Twitch has fixed the latter oversight, and in the end of the month it was the time for Valorant to go on its well-deserved pre-release rest – thus barring the streamers from these much-desirable options.

Overall, the majority of members of the top got their spots thanks to the Warzone. Its battle royale mode became the focus of public attention during the quarantine, while the constant tournaments have further served to fuel the interest. And there were quite a few of these, mostly due to the constant charity-related activities featuring the participation of the popular streamers.

It seems that Russian-language part of the platform continues to show fluctuations. While the last month has shown a significant dominance of Valorant-related channels, in May, the situation has changed – with Evelone1092, Buster and SilverName being among the top-ranked Twitch channels.

As for the first two of these streamers, their appearance in the top was quite unexpected. In merely a couple of months they have entered the top 10, and now they have moved further up the ladder, being up there with the best. Such a rapid rise to fame was mostly facilitated by the release of the new shooter from Riot Games, seeing how the core audience of these two channels consists of CS:GO fans.

The streamers from the CIS have managed to stand out by one more thing. The Mafia game has suddenly become popular among this audience (and of course, we aren't talking about a computer game here). The second half of May has featured quite a large number of Mafia matches between the popular streamers – and as it can be understood, the audience has taken a liking to such content.

We will continue to summarize the events of May. If you do not want to miss the results of the last month of spring, then be sure to follow our blog and official pages on social networks.

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